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Muzzled climate change hydrologist needs your help now!

28-02-2006 18:57

Muzzled climate change hydrologist wants you to counter foolish arguments by skeptic spammer Peter K. Anderson (Harlod) from Australia.

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Transhumanism, human “enhancement” and eugenics: day of information for action

28-02-2006 13:28

Transhumanism, human “enhancement” and eugenics: day of information for action

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Watercycling The Palm islands of Dubai

27-02-2006 15:56

waterbike action
A novel new way of highlighting human right and environmental issues using a water bicycle story of a developing business plan, in which campaign issues are embedded with research links to businesses that will help anyone considering a business start up in Dubai. or searching for holiday activities.

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Mesothelioma - Asbestos cancer protest and meeting.

26-02-2006 09:38

British Lung Foundation’s Action on Mesothelioma Day

Monday 27th February. Manchester Town Hall:
Photo call 12.30pm Town Hall steps.
Meeting: Great Hall 1-3pm.

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County Council about to approve 26 year waste strategy (with more incineration)

24-02-2006 22:30

The County Council meets on 23rd February to consider a recommendation to approve the award of a 26-year waste PFI contract for Nottinghamshire to Veolia Environmental Services.

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L'Oreal to buy Body Shop?

23-02-2006 13:55

L'Oreal, the world's largest maker of cosmetics, has announced it may make an offer for Body Shop International Plc, the U.K. retailer of natural cosmetics started by Anita Roddick. Body Shop's share price gained around 13 percent on the news.

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Defend Public Services demo April 29th

23-02-2006 10:53

Appeal from Cambridge Trades Council

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Pro Animal testing website - SPAM IT.!

22-02-2006 17:21

Pro animal testing protesters (!!!) have set up a nice little website to (mis)inform people about animal testing.

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Pro-vivisectionists group 'Pro-Test' gather to defend Oxford tortore lab

22-02-2006 15:24

Students and staff at Oxford University are to defy animal rights campaigners
and demonstrate in support of a controversial £163;20m research facility.

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It's Everybody's World

20-02-2006 04:56

"The reality is that of 580,000 soldiers who served in that war 325,000 are on permanent medical disabilty and 11,000 have subsequently died - an astonishing figure of 56% of those who served are now seriously ill with radiation related sicknesses, eupehmistically labelled "Gulf War Syndrome" by the medical and military establishments that refuse, of course, to acknowledge its true cause." And much more.

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Biopirates: Bayer earns $379m from diabetes drug

19-02-2006 09:48

Bacteria harvested from Kenya are being used by a global pharmaceutical company to manufacture a multi-million dollar diabetes drug, although the country is not making a shilling from the entire enterprise, a dossier prepared by a respectable American think-tank says.

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Crap "Stop and Search" of the Week: for wearing a McLibel T-shirt!

18-02-2006 17:06

Text from stop and search form
A participant in a small leafleting demo oustide McDonalds in Hastings was subjected to a ridiculous stop and search on the grounds that he was wearing a McLibel t shirt!

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Valentine's Day Protest at Health and Safety Commission (Death by deregulation)

18-02-2006 16:59

Feb 14th: Hazards Campaign held a Valentine's Day Death by Deregulation demo in London outside the
bi-monthly meeting of the Health and Safety Commission, the
government-appointed committee that sets the policy for the Health and Safety Executive.

The protest was drawing attention to the abolition of basic safeguards for workers which they say is happening at an increasing rate as profit takes precidence over people.

‘We love enforcement’ Valentine’s cards were delivered to the new HSE chief executive Geoffrey Podger along with a copy of the damning new report "Total Suck Up", which accuses the watchdog of going walkies from its legal duty to enforce criminal safety law in its haste to adopt the government’s business-friendly ‘better regulation’ agenda.


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16-02-2006 01:18

KONHSP Public meeting

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In Good Faith

15-02-2006 22:04

He is not here to help you!
ohn Howard's recent appearance on the Australian media was noted by his transparent attempt to portray grief and 'genuine' concern. The Australian Prime Minister feigned choking-back tears as he pleaded with Australian youth not to contemplate smuggling drugs. Howard’s insincere performance was in response to (anticipated) judgements handed down to members of the ‘Bali nine’ in an Indonesian court. The events that led to Australian youths being fed to the barbaric determinations of a thoroughly corrupt and primitive legal system should not pass without scrutiny. The actions of the Australian Federal Police require an independent and thorough investigation. The lives of Australian citizens should never be surrendered to foreign powers when discretionary prerogatives lie directly with Australian authorities.

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East Anglia Social Forum

15-02-2006 01:12

You are cordially invited to the next meeting of the East Anlgia Social Forum (EASF) which will be on Saturday at the Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge. Starts at 12 finishes at 4 pm, followed by a Wild Thyme Cafe.
map available here

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Queer BarberShop and Shoeshine

14-02-2006 17:49

Queer barbers and shoeshine boys,

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O-I-L Saturday 11 Feb, 2005

13-02-2006 19:52

Selected photos by Marese.

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From Seeds to Fruit - Growing futures for Southend on Sea

12-02-2006 22:05

A one day gathering for therapeutic horticultural projects, community gardens, school gardening and 'green' clubs, allotment societies, local small businesses (eg, growers, nurseries, cafes, wholefood shops, etc) and environmental and health promoting organisations in the Southend on Sea area.