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Bovis Homes Group PLC 'Take Over' Crest Nicholson Evicted Family Fax Invitation!

29-05-2006 10:44

Under John Callcutt, the new CEO of English Partnerships, house builder and property developer, Crest Nicholson Plc, evicted a Family of 7 from their own home. Amid new city speculation of a 'take over', Bovis Homes Plc has been sent an invitation to understand the implications.

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Torture UN/OPCAT: 20 ratifications!!

27-05-2006 01:10

Parklea Prison NSW
The National Children's and Youth Law Centre, together with Justice Action, are leading a campaign for acknowledgement of the mistreatment of Corey Brough, in the NSW prison system, and further, for systemic reform.

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Frankly ... you know fuck all

26-05-2006 17:07

Government website Talk to Frank has gone into overdrive with 'The Parents Drug Test.' (1)

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Immigration policies are creating mental illness

24-05-2006 11:32

At a meeting in Oxford Town Hall this evening, on the mental-health consequences of UK immigration policy, the following statement was passed unanimously:

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Neighbours from Hell In Britain release abusive neighbour survey

23-05-2006 23:18

Neighbours From Hell. What they are, what they do. A survey of 10,000 plus victims of NFH carried out by the only volnuntary body that offers practical advice to victim shows what they do to their victims

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Brough criticised for customary law stance

23-05-2006 22:53

The Law Council says the Government is demonising customary law, distracting attention from the real problems in Indigenous communities

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First Aid for Activists - weekend traininfg

22-05-2006 15:01

If anyone is interested in doing a "first aid for activists" training please book a place on the course by replying to this email or emailing

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Save Temple Cowley Swimming Pool

21-05-2006 21:20

Your support is needed to show Oxford City Council that Temple Cowley Swimming Pool should not be closed. You can now sign the petition on-line - click on the website address at the end of this article.

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National Anti-Incinerator Meeting 27 May at Birkbeck College, London

21-05-2006 20:48

Dear Friends,

The Defra public consultation period is now over and the Government's new waste strategy is going to be formulated. There is still plenty of opportunity to influence the final outcome by showing how strongly we feel against incineration, how harmful it is and how it affects global warming, a major point on the Government's agenda at present. However, we are not going to be able to influence the Strategy on our own, no matter how strong any one local group shouts.

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Atomic Energy & ID Cards

21-05-2006 01:46

Let's return to where I began and Bush the Lessor's comments. Can we "trust the man"? Think the invasion of Iraq; Tampa; the Patrick Docks affair and his infamous "Wik" map. All lies and deception. Just like Blair and Bush, it is fairly well established that Howard is not someone you can "take . to the bank".

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Legal & General AGM London Corporate Help Requested

19-05-2006 21:06

Legal & General Flowers at Head Office But AGM Picket Help?
Listed as a major shareholder with Crest Nicholson Plc - the company who evicted a Houseboat Family from their own Home during a ‘corporate beauty show’, the Legal and General Group had a lone picket at their AGM yesterday, May 18th 2006.

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Hospital workers going unpaid in Liverpool

19-05-2006 17:17

They may not be doctors and nurses, but the low paid cleaners, caterers and porters are just as vital to the running of Broad Green and the Royal Liverpool hospitals. And they are not being given their full entitlement of wages.

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Anti M1 campaign gains momentum

19-05-2006 09:31

speakers at the meeting
Around 50 people attended a public meeting yesterday in Sheffield to oppose the widening of the M1 motorway and to demand a radical change in government transport policy to sustainable solutions.

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CHEMTRAILS - In Law, Policy, and Practice.

19-05-2006 07:09

CHEMTRAILS - In Law, Policy, and Practice.

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Pascua Lama Project

18-05-2006 07:41


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SEEDA Conference London Invited To Discuss Crest Corporate Social Responsibility

17-05-2006 21:51

Illuminating The Regeneration & Renewal National Conference London
The Regeneration & Renewal National Conference took place on 15-16th May at the Business Design Centre London. With very good reason, one man renewed an invitation for discussion about Crest Nicholson Plc Corporate Social Responsibility.

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British mining company Monterrico Metals involved in human rights violations

17-05-2006 12:17

The British mining company Monterrico Metals owns the Rio Blanco copper/molybdenum deposit, located in Northern Peru. Rio Blanco will become Peru's second largest copper mine. The project threatens farmers and biodiversity. Confrontations with the police close to the mining site resulted in casualities on two occasions. The AXA group is the largest investor in Monterric Metals. According to Netwerk Vlaanderen, institutional investors that respect bacic human rights in their investment policy should disinvest from Monterrico Metals.

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Brough end of a pineapple

16-05-2006 21:37

They are simply criminals?
The transcript of Mal Broughs vicious libels is online now - I hope he gets his arse sued right off.

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Nanotech: Corporations make money, government ducks issue, public takes the risk

16-05-2006 09:54

The UK government is currently running a consultation on the regulation of nanotechnology. The only proposal on the table is a voluntary notification scheme for new nanotech products. This will give nanotech companies free reign to introduce nanomaterials into consumer products - unlabelled, untested and unregulated

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Iraqi children suffering alarming malnutrition - UNICEF

16-05-2006 04:34

Children are major victims of food insecurity
"Under-nutrition should not be accepted in a country like Iraq, with its wealth of resources..." Malnutrition among Iraqi children has reached alarming levels, according to a UNICEF survey showing people are struggling to cope three years after US-forces overthrew Saddam Hussein. The report on food security and vulnerability in Iraq said almost one child in every 10 aged between six months and five years, suffered acute malnourishment. "Children are major victims of food insecurity," it said, describing the situation as "alarming". 15 per cent of households are classified as "Extremely Poor." A total of four million Iraqis, roughly 15 per cent of the population, were in dire need of humanitarian aid including food, up from 11 per cent in a 2003 report, the survey of more than 20,000 Iraqi households found...