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I’d rather be a Nutt than a Johnson – Demo Report

07-11-2009 17:23

Over 100 people gathered opposite Downing Street today to protest at the sacking of scientist Professor Nutt.

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Mass lobby on 'no recourse' rule

06-11-2009 09:56

Cambridge activists in the houses of parliament
Members of Cambridge City Amnesty International descended on Parliament on Wednesday 4th November to lobby their MPs for increased protection for all women facing violence in the UK.

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protest march against incinerators being built in uk .any groups interested

30-10-2009 13:24

uk are building incinerators that are a danger to health and the climate .we must stop them being built prottest now before its 2 late

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Talking About Cannabis: The Racket Continues - William Bell Outed!

29-10-2009 22:48

Some people just won’t stay dead.

We were happy to leave Debra Bell of the one woman organisation Talking About Cannabis to drift into well deserved obscurity.

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November is Vegan Month!

29-10-2009 10:57

Vegan Month aims to encourage people to find out about the benefits of an animal-free diet.

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Radiation Tax proposed to protect DNA ?

28-10-2009 22:31

Noxious Monster


But a Carbon Tax has been proposed to protect the Nuclear Industry.

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Day of the Dead Samhain Celebration REEL NEWS Benefit Sat 31 Oct Brum

28-10-2009 20:43

All proceeds to REEL NEWS
Reel News is an activist video collective, set up to publicise and share information on inspirational campaigns and struggles - not just in this country, but across the world. Initially we are doing this through producing a monthly newsreel, made up of a number of videos short enough to use in union and campaign meetings.

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Altcross Foot Path - Keep It Open!

27-10-2009 03:03

Altcross Foot Path - Keep It Open!
In Croxteth there is a decades old and well used path linking Altcross road to Oak Lane North, linking residential areas to Croxteth park, and enjoyed by walkers, cyclists, dog walkers and even a significant number of people flying birds in the woods.

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Unlock the Camps- demonstration for Sri Lanka

26-10-2009 19:14

Demonstration for Sri Lanka, Market Square, Cambridge
Cambridge calls for the release of a quarter of a million people from de facto detention camps in Sri Lanka.

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Vegan Festival & After Party this Saturday

21-10-2009 14:29

Are you ready for Saturday??!!!

The biggest annual vegan festival in the UK (outside of London & Bristol) returns to Wolverhampton and looks set to knock the spots off last year`s event!!

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Urgent: Please object to large biofuel power station in Sheffield

20-10-2009 14:17

If you live in or near Sheffield and can help in any way with campaigning against this planned biofuel power station, please email us at Thanks.

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NPC MASS Rally For Decent Pay, Decent Pensions, Decent Public Services

19-10-2009 21:13

Roger McKenzie WMTUC
National Pensioners Convension supported by Birmingham Trade Unions rally against the Proposed Cuts 17th October 09

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Gordon Brown vists Camden estate as "Police do nothing where women attacked".

15-10-2009 22:43

Gordon Brown made an unannounced visit to a Camden council estate in Gospel Oak. A gran told Gordon how she defended herself and her granddaughter with a baseball bat when 60 male youths chased her, tried to set her on fire, sabotaged her garden and threatened her granddaughter. Gordon visited as people have complained about failed ASBOS and the CNJ reported a lack of faith in police.

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Crowds Set to Flock to Vegan Extravaganza in Wolves

15-10-2009 13:10

A press release sent out this morning about the West Midlands Vegan Festival in Wolverhampton on Saturday 24th October.

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IMF Demands NHS Privatisation

10-10-2009 10:09

Latest news I received from KEEP OUR NHS PUBLIC.
Very worrying. Join the fight against NHS privatisation.

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"Human lab rats: they're only animals"

06-10-2009 11:46

My name is Michelle Julien, I am the author of a book about the people testing our drugs - the invisible, those whom consumers ignore or whose existence they'd rather ignore. I participated to about ten clinical trials in France and in the United Kingdom.

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two leading cannabis campaigners arrested

05-10-2009 18:49

Marc Emery and Dana Beal are now two more victims of the drug war they have campaigned so hard to end.

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Appeal for Philippines Flood Victims

02-10-2009 02:11

Citizens’ Action is Best Response for Disaster.

Saying that the country needs to unite in order to confront and address the calamities brought about by typhoon Ondoy, Akbayan Party-list Rep. Walden Bello on Monday asked every Filipino here in the Philippines and those overseas to summon their Bayanihan spirit and help the victims in any way possible.

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*Breaking news* - Sizewell 5 anti-nuclear blockaders found not guilty

29-09-2009 15:28

Two days into their four-day trial, the Sizewell five have been found not guilty of aggravated trespass after a blockade in 2008 of the Sizewell nuclear power station in Suffolk.

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Nestle's threats to farmers in Zimbabwe

29-09-2009 03:38

An article in the Daily Telegraph profiles Nestlé under the headline: "Nestlé: the world's biggest food company and one of the 'most boycotted'" and reveals that the company is purchasing 1 million litres of milk per year from Grace Mugabe, wife of the President Robert Mugabe, despite sanctions due to human rights abuses by the regime.