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Leeds Primary Care Anti-Privatisation Campaign

05-09-2006 21:59

A meeting will take place on Thursday 14th September 2006 at the Common Place, 23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds, to discuss the threat to publicly provided primary care NHS services in Leeds.

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The NHS? We'll Take It From Here!

05-09-2006 20:16

In a 'triumph of Blairism', the government has awarded a £1.5 billion NHS contract to DHL - a Germany-based air courier company. Workers in Runcorn are amongst those considering strike action.

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House Builder Crest Nicholson 'Move House' - Family Invite Change of Position

04-09-2006 11:40

Merchant Bankers UBS London UK Family Presentation
Supported by UBS Bank, HBOS, Legal & General Group and Heron International, Weybridge-based house builder – Crest Nicholson, have recently ‘moved house’. The shifty move to relocate their UK head office from Weybridge to Chertsey in Surrey, comes at a time when the company still appears to be considering an immoral legacy left by John Callcutt CBE, a former Chief Executive Officer.

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Israeli cluster bombs blanket Lebanese towns

01-09-2006 07:31

Unexploded Israeli cluster munitions dropped during the 34-day war in Lebanon have killed at least 13 civilians and wounded 50 since the ceasefire took effect on August 14. About 100,000 unexploded cluster bomblets litter the country, preventing large numbers of people from returning to their homes. Israel’s bombardment of urban and residential areas with cluster munitions was a deliberate tactic by the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to terrorise the Lebanese people and prevent refugees from returning to their homes.

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Subcritical Nukes...

31-08-2006 12:55

The National Nuclear Security Administration (Nevada Site Office) has plenty on subcritical nukes, however yesterday's test is not up yet. The February Karakatoa tests are up, complete with videos - watch 'n' learn!

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Drax to Stop Smoking

30-08-2006 20:29

We the clown medics division of the 1st gaggle of Gigglewatt Valley Regiment of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army are here at the Climate Camp in Yorkshire to help Drax (full name Drax Power Station) quit his chain smoking habit.

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Bayer´s Cipro: Tendon injuries may have link to antibiotics

30-08-2006 15:28

The labels on Cipro and similar antibiotics should bear more serious warnings about a possible link to tendon injuries, petitioners told federal health officials Tuesday.
Between 1997 and 2005, the Food and Drug Administration received 262 reports of ruptured tendons in patients using drugs from the fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics, the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen said in its petition to the FDA. The state of Illinois filed a similar petition last year and asked Tuesday that the two requests be combined.

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US rice farmers sue Bayer CropScience over GM rice

29-08-2006 15:04

LOS ANGELES, Aug 28 (Reuters) - Rice farmers in Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and California have sued Bayer CropScience, alleging its genetically modified rice has contaminated the crop, attorneys for the farmers said on Monday.

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drax may be bad for your health

29-08-2006 15:01

interesting science news link especially for supporters of climate camp against drax.

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Censorship on the web

26-08-2006 22:57

I was just searching for some info on a sweetner called Sucralose. The page I wanted from Google "There have been no long-term human toxicity studies published until after the FDA approved sucralose for human consumption. Following FDA approval a human ..." came up with "Attorneys acting on behalf of the manufacturers of sucralose, Tate & Lyle PLC based in London, England, have requested that the information contained on this page not be made available to Internet users in England."

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effects of nanotech on human cells

23-08-2006 23:10

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have developed a screening method to examine how newly made nanoparticles — particles with dimensions on the order of billionths of a meter — interact with human cells following exposure for various times and doses. This has led to the visualization of how human cells interact with some specific types of carbon nanoparticles.

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Stop the Oxford Lab – Direct action

23-08-2006 15:14

a cross post from another message board about direct action against the oxford animal lab on Sept 9th.

From some people calling themselves the....veganarchists

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OutRage!- HIV : Rich 'North ' must help South to deal with it.

22-08-2006 15:45

lgbt rights group OutRage! calls for much greater co-operation between the rich 'North' to help the South defeat HIV.

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rabbit kills hunt scum

21-08-2006 02:51

Karma rules as hunt scum John Freeman is killed by rabbit...

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Tasers ? / Or Deadly Electronic Weapons

20-08-2006 23:36

Deadly Electronic Weapons
All news to me.

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Torture By Satellite

20-08-2006 23:07

Really, really, really SCARY STUFF

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20-08-2006 09:15

trying to create a moral outrage by suggesting that people will die if you don't do what we tell you - AND NOW - the war on AIDS!

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U.S. Officials Part of Cigarette Racketeering Plot

19-08-2006 00:24

Government officials are the Dr. Frankensteins who created the homicidal monster of the industry that makes and sells the most industrially-contaminated products in history.
Dr. Frankenstein pretends to prosecute and condemn its own creation. Mainsteam news plays along.

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Lodhi lawyer welcomes Thomas appeal win

18-08-2006 22:52

Perhaps the abc should get another Walkley award?????????????????????

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say no to GMO by the back door!

18-08-2006 11:36

GM in the UK