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The Natalie Bracht story, the plot thickens

01-07-2008 12:19

This story has been running in the mainstream media, both local and national press, since mother of five Natalie Bracht, left her home in Sunderland on 17th May this year and went on the run. With joint British and German nationality, Natalie settled in Sunderland with her five daughters in 2006. She told local papers and social services that she had fled her home city of Dusseldorf to escape a dangerous husband involved in a religious cult. She was provided with housing and benefits etc but whether the authorities believed this story or not is unclear. What we do know is that Childrens Services were involved in the case from the beginning.

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Dig soil&sand into your bin to shutdown toxic incinerators for Victory now!!!

27-06-2008 13:38

add 5 buckets + of soil & sand+other safe particulate unflammable as possible material to bottom of your bin before filling up. If you live by seaside your lucky, sand is still kept at petrol stations in buckets for a reason. This should seriously help shut the illegally toxic incinerators which regularly breach emissions.
Dig for Victory!!!!!!!!

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The Incredible Veggie Roadshow comes to Nottingham

25-06-2008 09:32

Saturday 5 July 2008, 10.30am-4.30pm
The Council House, Old Market Square, Nottingham. FREE ENTRY
Come along to Viva!'s Incredible Veggie Roadshow and enjoy, with family and friends, a fantastic day out.

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Ecaenia ceremony SPEAK demo report

24-06-2008 19:37

Oxford University's annual Encaenia Ceremony, at which it hands out honorary degrees to those it deems deserving, took place on Wednesday 18th June. This is one of the most prestigious events in the university's calendar , a tradition that goes back many centuries, when it tries to impress the world with a show of pomp and ceremony. Well, the SPEAK Campaign has established its own tradition; to inform those attending such events, and the public, about what goes on behind this charade of dignity and nobility, of the appalling suffering that goes on behind the locked doors of the university's laboratories, of the animals who are sitting in cages in fear, pain and suffering while Oxford celebrates its special day.

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Action Alert: Largest HLS Investor - Part 4

24-06-2008 17:25

Contact Raymond James and tell them to tell their subsidiary company Eagle Assets to divest from LSR!

Eagle Asset are now Huntingdon Life Sciences' largest investor with over 15 million dollars in shares.

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Stop posion drinking water flouride,paystrike,companies cant legally turn it off

24-06-2008 16:09

Many water companies in UK including Severn Trent maybe using anaerobic digesters to recover phosphate & fertilise crops& burn methane but some in west midlands & nottingham are using flouride in water supply. So bad that the area it is added has to have glass windows regularly replaced due to flourides corrosion. Strike legally they cant legally turn off water, its legally our right to have a supply. Especially worth it if your not bothered about your credit rating on own or in shared house

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Action Altert: Contact Eagle Asset - HLS Investor

21-06-2008 11:57

Action Alert: Contact Eagle Assets and tell them to divest from LSR! They are now Huntingdon Life Sciences' largest investor with over 15 million dollars in shares.

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60 years wiping the smirk of the NHS

18-06-2008 13:44

you really can't fake smiles - top scientists have proved it.
This really is a tale of human interest. Flicking through the online pages of today's British Press I learn how in future (after the 60th anniversary of the NHS) British nurses are to be rated on their smileyness. After choking on my meusli and recovering from a mild cerebral apoplexy, I thought the implications of this little scrap of news are just too good to be missed by the kind of people who don't read newspapers anymore but still might rely on the NHS. Please note there is no need to encourage consultants or hosptial managers to be smiley.

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video from 2006 World Indigenous Uranium Summit

16-06-2008 20:41

Navajo Churchrock chapter
Introductions and presentations. . .

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A victim of high tech harrasment

16-06-2008 16:25

This is a true account of the harrasment I have endured over 6years.It started because I made a complaint to someone, I have had to move house 9 times since then because this person along with a group of other people have followed me and made my life hell.The police haven't helped me .and no-one believes me.I think what is happening is called gangstalking.

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Dialect - Tsunami relief work in southern India

16-06-2008 02:03

Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) internet broadcasting Co-operative run by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Queen's Square studios and posted for download every weekend. Want to volunteer? Volunteering Bristol, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4GB Tel: 0117 989 7733

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Lyme Disease and Plague Combined in Biowar Vaccine

15-06-2008 12:27

While the Health Protection Agency continues to lie to the public and to the NHS about the true prevalence, chronic nature, and seriousness of Lyme Disease in Britain, their colleagues in the US are busily working on a biowarfare vaccine incorporating genetically modified Lyme and plague.

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Oxford Professor Resigned Over Vivisection

14-06-2008 16:39

As laboratory vivisectors around the world are being picketed at their homes,
it is good to remember that Ruskin resigned from Oxford over vivisection
and that Wagner recommended frightening vivisectors.

Queen Victoria, Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, Dickens, Tennyson,
Browning, Ruskin, Voltaire

on opposing vivisection

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URGENT: SARC Portsmouth Hunt Animal Abuser

13-06-2008 19:25

Whilst travelling through the Portchester area on the outskirts of Portsmouth today (near Fareham) SARC volunteers saw something which shocked them beyond belief. A dog was walking along, tethered by it's owner, and apart from having a few bad cuts to the animals body, the volunteers were shocked to see someone had quite clearly cut the word 'dog' into the flesh around the animals back leg.

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ALF target farming union offices over badger cull

13-06-2008 18:27

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) have sabotaged farming union offices in protest against the Welsh assembly's decision to cull badgers, who are accused of spreading bovine TB, despite dairy cattle raised on intense farms being the culprits.

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NHS Unite members reject pay offer

12-06-2008 21:25

Members of Unite, the UK's largest trade union and third largest in the NHS, have overwhelmingly voted to reject the government's 7.99% three-year pay deal and have voted for a ballot on industrial action.

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US,Russian or Chinese military EMF kills dolphins

12-06-2008 13:53

Many smaller fish etc just die & float to the bottom, we are probably only seeing just the surface of this "hitech" assault on nature.
"In a paper published in Nature magazine, scientists from a British Government-funded research programme show the first evidence of gas bubbles and associated tissue trauma in six dolphins, a porpoise and a beaked whale recovered from British waters."

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Novartis Global Week of Action Roundup

11-06-2008 13:28

Arnhem, Holland
Novartis is also one of HLS's largest customers, most notorious for the Xenotransplantation scandal back in 2000. The week of action; 26th - 30th May 2008; South Africa, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Holland, Ireland, UK, France, Venezuela & Chile.

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Lord Chancellor Jack Straw The Moral Dilemma Is Closer To Home?

10-06-2008 22:19

Lord Chancellor Laws for The Immoral Masses, Jack Shi* For Corporate Immorality?
'Underage' children are often drunk and generally antisocial or even violent on our British streets. Parents apparently do nothing to stop them. Government believes this is immoral and should be controlled by the use of force, through the making of new laws, and new criminal convictions, even on the parents. The Shalom Family evicted by Crest Nicholson present open invitation to the Lord Chancellor Mr Straw.

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First Clown Account of the Edible Dionysian Orchestra's (EDO) Grand Finale

10-06-2008 20:47

Loads of clowns turned up to play outside EDO for its grand finale ast Wednesday 4 June.