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stop incinerators being built .they cause deaths and cancers

23-06-2010 21:55

spondon against cyclamax incinerator /facebook
over 50 incinerators planned in uk they cause child deaths cancers ect .please help fight to stop them being built ,over 40 facebook sites , packed with info

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threat of the incinerator s being built in uk

23-06-2010 21:26

incinerators increase child deaths cancers ect derby have the threat of 3 being built help advive welcome d

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UN Global Compact - 10 years of helping cover up corporate malpractice

23-06-2010 10:52

Happy birthday to the UN Global Compact!

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Edinburgh Budget Day Protest

20-06-2010 16:32


Tuesday 22nd June

Rally 6pm at the Mound, Edinburgh
March to Charlotte Square

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Combat Stress: PTSD & the Family

20-06-2010 09:33

A public meeting on the affects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the impact it has upon the wider family unit.

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Primate Torture in the US, UK, China, Malaysia and Elsewhere

19-06-2010 17:13

Recent deaths of primates in the US exposed to freezing and baking temperatures
in San Antonio Texas and in Nevada have brought renewed attention to the
unseen torture.

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Protest Nestlé's claim that breastmilk substitutes 'protect' babies

17-06-2010 08:33

Protest Nestlé's claim that breastmilk substitutes 'protect' babies, public urged for UK breastfeeding awareness week (21 - 27 June). This press release is also available at:

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Is Obama Child-Endagering In Recommending Gulf Fish Flesh?

15-06-2010 22:09

A fish suffocating in filthy toxic water
Fish flesh is full of brain destroying heavy metals, radiation from illegal nuclear dumping, parasites such as liver flukes, worms, colon bacteria. Fish are waterboarded, suffocated,
asphyxiated as they die.

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HEAT STROKE: When Heat Kills

13-06-2010 16:20

Scientists predict more deadly heat waves. Now they have found the upper limit our bodies tolerate - and we'll get there without stopping our emissions. The "skeptical scientist", John Cook, and Stuart Staniford, the technical investigator, talk it through. From Chicago to Europe's deadly 2003 heat wave to cooking our grandkids.

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The Racist UN, the genocidal World Health Organization, the money dominated WTO

12-06-2010 16:41

depopulation plots at the WHO, democracy stifling at the Security Council,
plutocracy at the WTO

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US Co.. Epicyte With USDA Funding Developed Seed Corn Containing Spermicide

11-06-2010 20:30

While billionaires Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, and others met in the last
12 months to discuss ways to control population,
corn containing spermicide was funded by the US Dept of Agriculture, while 'vaccines' containing Chorionic Gonadotropin to
prevent pregnancy, etc.were developed by the World Health Organization

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Atos Origin Don’t Give a Toss for the Sick

28-05-2010 22:27

With Iain Duncan-Smith yesterday announcing the Tories plans to fuck the Welfare State we’ll be taking a closer look at exactly what that means.

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Black Flag 231: out now

28-05-2010 17:30

This issue is both a celebration of big anniversaries and big voices who are sadly no longer with us, while also keeping an eye on the future for information. We're giving you a bigger read than usual for the teaser as well (see link), publishing our centre pages where Liz Willis explores the history of our struggle for healthcare. Enjoy!

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Health fears over chemical site (ex Bayer site Cambridge UK)

27-05-2010 12:12

Health fears over chemical site
Villagers are blaming a massive clean-up operation at a former chemical factory for making them feel unwell.
Soil at the old Bayer CropScience site in Hauxton is being decontaminated ahead of the construction of 380 homes, but the work is giving off nasty odours.

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LIVE Nestlé Forum - put your questions

27-05-2010 11:50

Nestle is trying to Greenwash its image with an event in London on 27 May, claiming its company values mean that it can be trusted to do the right thing, rather than there being meaningful regulations. Put your questions.

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Hounslow Freedom Pass Holders Refused Renewal

22-05-2010 21:24

These are the two cases that have come to light with council spokeman lying through his teeth saying the Government set the criteria.

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NHS doctors are providing info on political activists & Muslims to the police.

17-05-2010 01:13

GPs are being required to pass information to the police regarding people that they think are at risk from crime or at risk of committing one. This is meant to safeguard children and safegurad women who might be victims of domestic violence, rape, female circumcism or murder. It is also meant to protect people with mental health problems and others affected by it.

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US War Plan: ... little Nuclear Munitions

16-05-2010 12:14

Little Nuclear Bombs .....
US War Plan: Talk about Thermonuclear Bombs - But Use little Nuclear Munitions ...... Politicians and talkers of all sorts drone on endlessly about Global Thermonuclear Weapons and suck all the oxygen out of a room when you’re talking about any other subject. Reliable sources say nuclear war targeting requires about 300 actual nukes. The thousands of nuke weapons in the inventory in addition to the required 300 are pointless overkill for politicians to prance around about. They go on and on about reducing the gross number of nukes that are ready to go. It is all an absurd and ridiculous theater for ignorant civilians who are fooled into thinking politician X or Y has done the world a favor.

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Anthrax alert issued today. Heroin infected with deadly anthrax in circulation

13-05-2010 23:26

The BBC reported today that the Department of Health and UK Police have issued a safety alert as heroin infected anthrax has killed a number of people. Heroin infected with anthrax spores killed people in Scotland in December 2009. Today police revealed that more people have died including a person in London. Was it leaked from an animal testing lab?

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Mars And Other Pet Food Giants Have Become Fleshmongers

12-05-2010 17:03

Mars, maker of dairy and gelatin saturated candies, is heavily involved
in marketing animal flesh for pets. Recently the company refused
to let inspectors into its animal research facilities. A new such
facility is in Kansas City, Missouri in the US.