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Rally for Zimbabwe takes place in Trafalgar Square

11-03-2007 12:24

A report of the rally for dignity in Zimbabwe that took place in Trafalgar Square this Saturday.

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Hewitt To Get Taste Of Hospital Life

07-03-2007 22:48

Bogong Moth
Petsie the graveDigger is to spend a day with Mandy Marsden, who deals with 30 patients a day at her clinic at Glenfield Hospital. Leicester.

Nothing involving faeces or body fluids!

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GM Potatoes to be grown in Cambridge

07-03-2007 21:52

The German multinational chemical company, BASF, has been granted permission to plant genetically modified potatoes at NIAB in Cambridge from the end of this month.

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Third Planet Report --progressive radio from The Farm in TN, USA

07-03-2007 13:57

Third Planet Report is a radio program broadcast from The Farm Community in Summertown TN with host hippielawyer Alan Graf

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Leeds General Infirmary For Sale!

04-03-2007 21:49

On May 3rd demonstrations and rallies against NHS privatisation were organised across country. At 10am, before the TUC-organised indoor rally in Leeds city centre, Leeds Keep Our NHS Public erected a 'for sale' sign in front of the Leeds General Infirmary, which is at risk of being sold off as prime city centre land.

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Pix of Hackney Save NHS Demo

04-03-2007 20:40

March to Homerton Hospital and rally outside Hackney Town Hall, part of Save the NHS day of action, Saturday 3rd March.

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Demo against the privatization of the NHS, in Preston

04-03-2007 10:29

Banner 1
Against profiteering in the health service.

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Champagne water in radioactive danger

04-03-2007 10:20

Greenpeace is warning that the nuclear waste centre in Soulaines in eastern France is endangering the growing of champagne grapes. Less than ten kilometres from the famous vineyards of the Champagne the groundwater is polluted with radioactive tritium.

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Parents V Patents

04-03-2007 01:20

"The road ahead is long. It is littered with myths, secrecy and shame. Rare is the family that will be free from an encounter with mental disorders or will not need assistance and care over a difficult period. Yet, we feign ignorance or actively ignore this fact."
-Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director-General of the World Health Organization in 2001

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Defend the NHS Day: Sheffield Demonstration

03-03-2007 20:15

Protestors assembled on Saturday 3rd March 2007 in Weston Park in Sheffield to march to a rally on the City Hall steps in opposition to the ongoing privatisation of the National Health Service.

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Photos of Defend Our NHS Demo - Sheffield

03-03-2007 17:28

Some pictures from todays Defend Our NHS demo

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Asbestos Watchdog - John Bridle... International Man of Mystery

01-03-2007 16:42

World Travel - right out of a cheesy Roger Moore James Bond or Austin Powers movie?.

£600 and a pact with some men in white coats could get you travelling to Moscow, Montreal, Bankok and Budapest...

Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Perverted science"?

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Defend the NHS national day of action 3/03/07

28-02-2007 20:11

Sat 3rd March 2007, 12 noon, Victoria Square (outside council house), Birmingham

There will also be a demonstration against cuts, at City Hospital on Dudley Road, on the same morning, from 10am

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'Our Story: the Rossport 5' UK Book Launches this weekend

28-02-2007 14:59

Media Notice - Rossport 5 launch their book in London

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Defend the NHS: S/Yorks Demo

28-02-2007 11:43

A very important event, well worth supporting

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Third Planet Report 3/1/07

28-02-2007 00:22

Third Planet Report is a radio show broadcast from the Farm in Summertown, TN with host hippielawyer Alan Graf covering news and commentary you won't hear anywhere else.

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Opposition grows in Rushmoor to cuts in refuse collection

27-02-2007 17:57

The first month of a six-month trial of fortnightly refuse collection in the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has led to public outcry, with bin men calling for the 'experiment' to be scrapped.

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Rally in support of striking mental health workers

27-02-2007 13:51

Mental health workers in Manchester are striking over cuts and the threat of privatisation, a rally to support them has been called as a part of the TUC's national NHS Together Day of Action.

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The Chemtrail Matrix Film

27-02-2007 12:42

A film to introduce people to the controversial subject of chem trails.

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NHS Under Attack

26-02-2007 20:09

On the Keep Our NHS Public demo in Liverpool on Thursday, 22nd February, anarchists handed out a bulletin showing an anarchist perspective on the NHS attacks. The text is below, or you can print-up the prettier version with graphics and photos and stuff. Get the word out, and come to the founding meeting of the Merseyside Anarchist Group on Thursday 1st March, in the basement by News From Nowhere, from 7.30pm.