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Third Planet Report --progressive radio from The Farm in TN, USA

Alan Graf | 07.03.2007 13:57 | Analysis | Health | Repression | London

Third Planet Report is a radio program broadcast from The Farm Community in Summertown TN with host hippielawyer Alan Graf

Wed, 7 March 2007
Third Planet Report 3/8/07
Third Planet Report 3/8/07 with host Alan Graf, hippielawyer

The show includes the following:

1; Interview with Noah Goodman about his friend, 27 year old American, Eric Volz, who is now serving 30 years in a Nicaraguan prison for a murder he did not commit. Noah tells how Eric was framed by the authorities in a strange twist of legal injustice and how he now faces his own probable murder in a Nicaraguan jail cell;

2. Interview with Mario Menendez, the publisher of Mexico's third largest newspaper, Por Esto. Mario tells of the coming meeting with George Bush and Mexican President Felipe Calderon, scheduled for March 12-14 at the hacienda of Robert Hernandez Ramirez, who Menendez says is Mexico's biggest drug lord and money launderer to the tune of 600 billion dollars;

3. Interview with Ina May Gaskin on the state of health care in this country. Ina May covers lack of portability, why the system punishes people who get sick and the conditions at Walter Reed;

4. Interview by student reporter Molly Smith on US Imperialism.

More on Eric Volz's saga at

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