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Madness & the end of the world

13-12-2003 01:23

The lives that we lead are making us crazy; know what I mean?

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09-12-2003 23:34

fresh from Hong Kong

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fair chances for child authors with asperger syndrome

09-12-2003 16:15

A hate mailer working on self appointed behalf of the Luke Jackson machine - I don't accuse the Jacksons themselves of backing her - is working to suppress autistic organisations from carrying website articles speaking out for child authors whose chance was ruined by abusive school homework.

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McDonalds in Trouble

08-12-2003 21:27

Hong Kong government asks McDonalds to withdraw its Honey BBQ sauce as it contains the sweetener stevioside which is banned in Hong Kong.

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Leamington Spark #2 now out

08-12-2003 19:05

Issue 2 of the 'Leamington Spark' is now out. The Leamington Spark is
a radical/alternative newsletter for the Leamington Spa area, which - for those
of you who don't know :) - is near Coventry.

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Learn and share knowledge on Paleontology and Climate

08-12-2003 01:50

>> People have to be prepared to think and work on their
>> mindset to put such unpopular subjects in their true
>> perspective. There are many much more familiar with
>> the complexities of climatology who could, and probably
>> will, do a much better job, and be largely ignored.
>> It is most frustrating as all I want to do is obtain a sound
>> understanding of the impact of human activities on the
>> operation of Planet Earth, and we seem to have done a
>> very rapid job on the climate over the past century.
>> .. (snip)

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Debates and Actions around Climate Conference in Milan

07-12-2003 03:33

foto of critical mass in Milan
The central focus of the current Climate Conference in Milan is Russia and their position on the Kyoto Climate Protocol. If Russia would join Kyoto, it creates cheap ways for the EU to meet its reduction targets. Those actions taking place outside of the Conference focus instead on the root cause of climate change, the fossil fuel economy. The lack of action by the United Nations, should make people around the world aware not to depend on states and corporations, but instead to create social-ecological alternatives in our daily lives.

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Anna Scher in fight to regain the theatre she founded

05-12-2003 02:15


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Day Care Centre For The Vunerable Is Closed Despite Protest

03-12-2003 02:21

“BATH & North East Somerset Council is improving the way it provides day care services. “ That’s what it says on their website so it must be true. How are they doing this? By closing one of the most popular and well used drop in centres for the vulnerable.

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Greek Hungerstrikers- 2 More Moved to Hospital in Critical Condition

26-11-2003 14:35


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3 Day Action / Street medic training in Glasgow, January 2004.

24-11-2003 20:26

This course provides training in basic first aid, chemical weapons decontamination, emotional support, and street medic logistics. Course materials are provided. You do not need any prior health care training or experience to become a street medic. There will be lots of hands-on practice and role-plays.

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When 'David' Took On Goliath - One Dying Worker Challenges The Corporate Giants

24-11-2003 13:38

The East Devon – West Dorset coastline has a history of producing and harbouring various trouble makers, be it the pirates and wreckers that inhabited these shores, attacking and sinking trading vessels in the 18th Century, or those who supported disputed heirs to the British crown, such as the Duke of Monmouth, landing his ill-fated cause against James I in 1685

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Norwich Area Transport 25 Nov

24-11-2003 12:16

Introduction to the Norwich area transport survey being conducted by Norfolk CC and details of a public meeting.

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Antidepressants advice to be taken with a pinch of salt (Sunday Telegraph)

23-11-2003 03:54

"Seriously hazardous chemicals can be found in the tissue of nearly every person alive. It is a frightening thought, but exposure to such toxic substances has been linked to a higher incidence in several cancers, reproductive complications, a continuing decline in fertility rates and birth defects." - The Scotsman 2003.

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Prescott Approves Cambridge Uni Animal Research Site

22-11-2003 14:17

On Thu 20 Nov, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister approved the planning application of Cambridge University for a primate research facility in Girton because it helps to further government policy. This comes despite South Cambs DC originally refusing it for good reasons.

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U.S. Energy Bill Stuffed with Fossil Fuel Industry Subsidies; Warming Continues

21-11-2003 15:20

Despite not being afforded the benefit of a public hearing, the massive $31.1 billion energy bill being debated in the U.S. Senate today has garnered massive public opposition, and with good reason. Call your senators today. Tell them which way you recommend they vote.

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The photo of Simon Chapman who is in hunger-strike for 44 days

17-11-2003 11:20

Simon Chapman is in hunger-strike for 44 days,
Solaiman Dahdouk 58 days,
Carlos Martinez 44 days,
Fernando Perez 44 days,
Spyros Tsitsas 41 days.

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Privacy dispute threatens Street Link -- Victoria, BC

16-11-2003 21:09

Government holds up funding after society refuses to name homeless clients