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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Defend the NHS Public Meeting

16-11-2006 17:06

Public Meeting for the Leeds Save Primary Care Campaign
Thursday 23rd November 7.30pm
The Common Place
23-25 Wharf Street

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Wellbeing@Climate Camp

13-11-2006 23:46

The WELLBEING SPACE @ the Climate Camp
- Analysis and Experiences -

By Activist Trauma Support and the Wellbeing Group at the Climate Camp

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Chemicals cause silent pandemic

10-11-2006 02:57

The combined evidence suggests that neurodevelopmental disorders caused by industrial chemicals has created a silent pandemic.

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PHILIPPINES: Junk the Toxic Deal with Japan! Junk JPEPA!

09-11-2006 12:48

“Save us from this destructive deal, Junk JPEPA!”
With the battle shifting to the Upper House, AKBAYAN Partylist today trooped to the Senate to call for the junking of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA). “Japan may have done it once, but we will not allow the dumping of toxic wastes in the country again”, the group said referring to the 1999 incident, when 122 containers declared as “recyclable paper” (which turned out to be clinical wastes) arrived at the Port of Manila.

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Urgent action to protect babies in the Philippines

07-11-2006 14:12

This is an alert sent to Baby Milk Action supporters announcing a campaign launched today to help protect babies and mothers in the Philippines from the aggressive marketing of baby foods. Efforts to regulate the baby food companies to stop breastfeeding from being undermined and to ensure breastmilk substitutes are used safely if necessary are being threatened by legal action from US companies and pressure on the President from the US Chamber of Commerce.

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Welfare Reform Protest Information

06-11-2006 13:23

A request for people who are against the welfare reform bill to discuss the issue for a radio package.

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BtB press release: Stop nuclear weapons - stop climate change

06-11-2006 12:42

Cutting out - July blockade
Anti-nuclear campaigners return to warhead factory ahead of government White Paper. Work on new laser in full swing - blockade on 13 November 2006. Join us!

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New Christian Right group in Scotland

05-11-2006 17:18

A new Christian Right Wing Group are seeking to gain seets in the Scotish Parlament.

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Students scream for blood

02-11-2006 22:20

The National Union of Students LGBT Association has called a day of action today, the 2nd November, campaigning against blood donation discrimination.

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NHS Medical Data Base and Mental Health

02-11-2006 15:01

Government plans to put medical records on a national electronic data base are going ahead.

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Ex-Government advisor on animal experiments accuses Government of “complacency a

01-11-2006 20:07

Today (1 November 2006) as government advisors on animal experiments (the Animal Procedures Committee or APC) publish their annual report, ex-Committee member Dr Gill Langley criticises the Home Office for continuing to license cruel animal experiments even though a total non-animal replacement exists.

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NHS'Spine'- threat to privacy of records etc.

01-11-2006 16:44

Guardian Nov 1...
The NHS's centralised and computerised syetem 'Spine' poses a very real threat of breaches of confidentiality of health records and raises the spectre of other agencies getting a view too..

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Community Speaks Out: War Crimes

01-11-2006 02:30

War Crimes
We just can't believe that the country would not support this, we say this for all Australia but we also say this for the International community and all those dead Iraqi people.

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John Matthews Chair of Crest Nicholson “Please Help Us” – A Family Request

31-10-2006 20:16

New Crest Home Crest House
Stuck in the actuality of the third anniversary of their houseboat and home eviction, the Shalom Family from Wales made a special visit on 30th October, to Crest Nicholson’s brand new ‘Crest House’, in Chertsey, Surrey. The Family delivered a new letter of appeal, in perfect harmony with their cause for Social Justice, to Crest Plc Chairman John Matthews.

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South Africa, HIV and Foreign Medical Experts

29-10-2006 18:32

Thabo Mbeki's panel of foreign doctors, their advice, how to explain and handle the HIV-epidemic and the results.

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John Callcutt CBE CEO English Partnerhips How Do You Sleep At Night?

28-10-2006 18:08

Family Campaign for Social Justice Re Crest Nicholson Plc
Presently the CEO of English Partnerships, (the 'National Regeneration Agency') Mr. John Callcutt CBE is today under 'open' enquiry from Marie Louise and Vincent Shalom from Wales, UK. A married couple with five children, Mr. Callcutt saw to it that they were evicted from their own home after his previous actions of direct negligence, whilst he served as CEO of Crest Nicholson Plc. Letter Follows:-

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Japanese appeal for AIDS orphans

28-10-2006 06:54

A Japanese organisation that fights AIDS unveiled a new programme Wednesday aimed at engaging the 12 million African children orphaned by the deadly disease by getting them to play soccer.

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Tourists may be warned to stay away from Sydney

27-10-2006 22:40

The latest race-related campaign
Fears that travel advisories such as those warning Britons and Canadians about race violence in Sydney last year will cause a massive loss of income for Australian tourism this summer season.

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Solidarity with the Intersex Community - online petition

26-10-2006 16:10

An online petition asking for Intersex people not to be patholigised by the medical profession.

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Lyme Disease is a Biowarfare Issue

25-10-2006 19:36

Lyme Disease is massively underdiagnosed in the UK, and sufferers are routinely denied treatment or given the wrong one. Why is this happening? The answer lies, above all, in the militarily sensitive nature of the disease.