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Tourists may be warned to stay away from Sydney

Leanard Peek | 27.10.2006 22:40 | Analysis | Anti-racism | Health | London | World

Fears that travel advisories such as those warning Britons and Canadians about race violence in Sydney last year will cause a massive loss of income for Australian tourism this summer season.

The latest race-related campaign
The latest race-related campaign

Recent outbreaks of the latest race-related campaign to demonise Islam and intimidate the Muslim Community may prompt Britain, Canada and Indonesia to issue travel warnings against visiting parts of Sydney again this summer season.

last year the British warning mentioned recent "sporadic outbreaks of racially motivated violence in Cronulla, Maroubra, Brighton-le-Sands" and "areas of south-west Sydney".

Now its on again disturbed by the the latest race-related campaign to demonise Islam and intimidate the Muslim Community, warnings that this may again sweep Sydney off the tourist map.

Sources say there have already been cancellations of trips by international tourists to Australia.

Of course we wouldn't be surprised if travel warnings were again issued for parts of Sydney and NSW, which should be routine now that the Government has incitied race hate.

These warnings would be in fact routine and just making citizens of their own countries aware, just as we, in our own travel warnings, encourage travellers to use their commonsense.

Most of the five million international tourists that may have come to Australia know what it is like now, they know that the Australia political establishment is promoting race hate and they could be in danger if they come to this country this summer season.

Leanard Peek


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