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Seeking Dr Gapper formerly of the N.S.W. Government Medical Office

14-09-2007 09:30

Serious human rights abuses have been reported in the past at the N.S.W. government medical office. In 2002 Dr Helia Gapper vanished from New South Wales and has not been seen since.

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Manchester mental health staff strike again

10-09-2007 17:46

After a similar strike just over two weeks ago, hundreds of mental health workers in Manchester are going on strike for a second time today in a row over the suspension of union official, Karen Reissman.

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IRAQ: Between Dealers and Death Squads

10-09-2007 15:35

On May 12th 2005, the United Nations organization which monitors drug trafficking announced that Iraq "is about to become a transit station for transporting the heroine, which is manufactured in Afghanistan and is heading towards Europe through neighbouring Iran".

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!950's Uncle Sam Revisited Newly Reconstructed for a Contemporary Audience.

09-09-2007 20:43

A Tale of Paraphilia, CIA/CIA Proxy Torture, the Churches, the Judiciary, the Medical Profession, Mass Media and Mass Psychosis.

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Fueling rising alcoholism in Iraq

07-09-2007 21:39

"Iraq has one of the worst treatment and follow-up regimes for alcohol abusers in the Middle-East,"

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Occupation creates disaster in Iraq

05-09-2007 19:48

There are more than 4 million Iraqi refugees and more than 1 million dead. Seventy percent of Iraqi children are not in school. Yet these reports and statistics do not begin to tell the story of destruction and violence caused by the U.S. occupation.

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Radiation Experts: The Next War will Endanger the Planet

03-09-2007 10:21

We cannot allow a war with Iran. This planet cannot stand another conflict. Our time as a species is rapidly running out.

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Mental health workers on strike in support of colleague

01-09-2007 15:13

Nearly 700 UNISON members in Manchester Community and Mental Health branch went on strike yesterday in support of their colleague Karen Reissman, suspended from work since June.

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MMR and Freedom of Information

01-09-2007 13:55

Anyone slightly interested in the ongoing MMR debate will find the revelations in these following links fron the ‘Freedom of Information Act Centre News’ extremely interesting:

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Hospital refuses transfer of Palestinian girl

30-08-2007 20:05

Maria was paralyzed from the neck down when the car she was traveling in was caught in a missile attack on a leader of the Islamic Jihad militant group in Gaza in May last year. Her mother, grandmother and older brother were killed.

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Evidence of Crossrail links to corrupt Bechtel & Adrian montague - if needed

30-08-2007 12:01

The evidence demanded by the anonymous poster that Crossrail beneficiaries such as US company Bechtel is corrupt and the knighting of Adrian Montague, the chair of Crossrail is a long-line of the English establishment recognising and rewarding corrupt, barbaric and anti-humanitarian and anti-environmental activities can be found below. The anonymous poster who uses the word NIMBY made lots of accusations but offered no evidence other than an empty NIMBY attack and could not even bring themselves to give their own identity - "nationalism is the last bastion of the scoundrel" is your identity.

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Dr Andrew Wakefield, the MMR vaccine and toxic chemicals

25-08-2007 01:00

Many parents of vaccine injured children - regardless of which biological mechanism was involved in their children's vaccine-associated regression into autism - support the pioneering work of Andrew Wakefield and his right to pursue his scientific investigation without being persecuted.

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Self-harm in immigration detention June 2007

24-08-2007 21:15

Figures obtained by he National Coalition of Anti Deportation Campaigns under the Freedom of Information Act.
Detainees, visitors and campaigners believe the real numbers may be even higher.

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G8 Heiligendamm- rostock: health update. anybody who had a tick out there...

23-08-2007 11:02

it turned out that some anti-G8 activists contracted
lyme disease after being bitten by ticks on their way to blockades around
heiligendamm and rostock.

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poor and partialy we will take your baby into care

20-08-2007 18:37

child snatchers
A couple living in calderdale council area are being threatened to have there unborn baby snatched from them at birth.

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Audio report from those in the lock-on at Sizewell B

20-08-2007 11:12

This audio report made by phone from those locked-on at Sizewell B nuclear power station was made at around 11am Monday 20th as part of the 24 hours of action against climate change. Those involved explain what they have done and why they are doing it.

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Iraq Trauma: "children grow up, people grow old"

17-08-2007 09:19

One doctor recalled "a more fearful incident, when three militiamen walked into the hospital and, unchallenged by the security guards, demanded one of his patients by name."

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As health workers prepare for ballot, Unison leaders back off

16-08-2007 20:35

Unison national secretary has angered union activists by demanding that local branches take a position of neutrality on the issue of a below inflation pay offer.

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Liverpool NHS Meeting

14-08-2007 15:33

Merseyside Keep Our NHS Public Campaign meets this Wednesday (15 August)
at 7pm at The Peoples Centre, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool.

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OK! - Infant formula regulations protect ALL mothers and infants

13-08-2007 20:35

A promotion for Wyeth/SMA formula with a feature on Katie Price (Jordan) and Peter Andre in OK! Magazine (which some of you may have missed) prompted calls for international marketing standards for baby foods to be implemented in the UK. Some parts of the media presented this as an attack on mothers who use formula when, in reality, the marketing standards protect all mothers.