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Our Story: the Rossport 5 - London Book Launch

26-02-2007 17:25

Media Notice - Rossport 5 launch their book in London

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Celtic invites its young supporters to experience fine dining

26-02-2007 17:15

In an attempt to improve the diet of its young fans, Celtic is inviting them to dine on fine fare.

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Ginster pieman/Nottingham Uni bid for William Sharp city Academy

25-02-2007 22:38

The East Midlands meat pie industry has helped many a student through their degree with part-time work at Pork Farms. Now 'Nottingham businessman' Andrew Samworth will link up with Nottingham University to run William Sharp school in Bilbourough. The business? None other than Samworth Brothers, prior owners of Pork Farms (now sold to Northern Foods) and continuing owner/suppliers of fine cooked meat pie brands such as Ginsters.

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Save the NHS! Organise for Resistance!

24-02-2007 22:32

Protesters gather outside the Royal
About 200 people marched from the Royal Liverpool Hospital in Prescot Street to the William Brown Street fountain on Thursday 22nd February, showing their anger at government plans for the National Health Service.

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Action Mesothelioma Day 2007...

24-02-2007 21:41

Tuesday 27th February is Action Mesothelioma Day.

The Forum of Asbestos Victims' Support Groups are working with other organisations and charities by marking the day with a series of public events throughout Britain.

To raise awareness of the the terminal cancer, a short film has been produced:

Mesothelioma- The Human Face of an Asbestos Epidemic...

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Health Reform: Turning from the Solidarity Principle

24-02-2007 18:32

Neoliberal economic- and labor market policy, stagnating working income and continuing mass unemployment have withered the extent of employment paying into social security.. The next financing crisis of health insurance is pre-programmed.

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Seed Sowing Sunday + Co-mutiny Gardening

24-02-2007 16:51

Come along this sunday for a jolly good old bit of co-mutiny seed sowing in Whitechapel.

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Axe the Bin Tax

23-02-2007 15:58

Councils are using recycling and waste reduction as an excuse to cut services. The latest scam about to hit households on top of fines and cuts in service is a 'pay-as-you-throw tax' or 'bin tax'.

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Is the bread you eat infected with diseased shit?

21-02-2007 22:31

If you're eating a slice of toast, put it down now. The title of this article is literal.

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Racist healthcare denial in Brighton and Hove

21-02-2007 14:11

On Friday 16th February about 20 people gathered with banners at the Royal Sussex Hospital, at the office of Jackie Bishop, local NHS Private Patient and Oversea's Patient's Co-ordinator. They were protesting against racist healthcare denial and demanding healthcare for all. Jacki Bishop has been denying asylum seekers treatment, kicked people out of hospitals and sent huge bills to people who were entitled to free care.

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Depleted Uranium: Pernicious Killer Keeps on Killing

21-02-2007 11:35

I live a few miles from an ATK (Alliant Tech) plant that produces depleted uranium (DU) tank shells for the military. Tank shells destroy and kill, and they, along with all military hardware, are a constant reminder of our failure as a civilization. But DU weapons and tank shells are only two of many items that raise questions that even our violence prone society needs to address. Since shortly after Gulf War I, soldiers and civilians have been questioning the safety of these weapons which are made of radioactive material. The more questions raised, the more the military-industrial complex has hauled out studies showing the safety of DU munitions. One CEO called DU the "skim milk" of uranium in an article penned for my local paper. An Air Force officer is even stalking the internet, trying to intimidate anyone who suggests DU is anything but benign.

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Health Alert: Contamination of herbal cannabis

19-02-2007 21:48

Glass is not Grass -- Legalise Cannabis Alliance welcome the UK Department of Health belated
warnings on contamination of herbal cannabis [1]

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Do we need industrial agriculture?

19-02-2007 17:56

Do we need industrial food production, is there not a better way?

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Recycling and waste reduction being used as an excuse to cut services

19-02-2007 17:45

Recycling and waste reduction is being used by many councils as the excuse to cut services. Weekly waste collection services are being cut to fortnightly with no pro-rata cuts in local taxes.

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Support abortion rights march in London, Saturday 3 March

19-02-2007 14:43

Please give your support to and help us build the abortion rights protest taking place on 3 March.

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Gallo does Bush inpersonation in court

15-02-2007 04:30

I just got finished reading Bob Gallo's testimony in the Parenzee
case. For all the good his testimony will do, the prosecution might
as well have called George W. Bush to the stand. I get the feeling
that Gallo unwittingly associated himself with Bush in the eyes of
the court.

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Nuclear debate hotting up in Gerrmany again

15-02-2007 04:24

Debate is heating up in Germany over keeping or scrapping nuclear power production and over what to do with nuclear waste, which is dangerously radioactive for a million years.

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Weed contamination

14-02-2007 13:53

Weed problems continue - Check your skunk for dodgy ingredients!

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Valentine's Blood Service protest

13-02-2007 22:30

Valentine's Day Wed 14th Feb 2007

Staff at National Blood Service centres around the country will be protesting between 12 noon + 2pm.