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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Important Findings about Vitamin D

27-02-2008 20:30

What they have discovered and are continueing to discover about (so-called) Vitamin D.

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Millions denied access to dentistry in the UK

25-02-2008 17:00

According to a recent report published by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), millions of adults in England and Wales are unable to find a publicly funded dentist to treat them and have abandoned regular check-ups. Dentistry, like many areas of the National Health Service (NHS), has been steadily privatised. It is now very difficult to get any treatment except at high costs.

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Refugees and escapees of the Prozac Nation are converging at Corsica Studios

25-02-2008 08:41

Lurking behind tabloid interest in the mental health crises of artists like Britney Spears, Heath
Ledger and Amy Whitehouse is a vast unease around mental ill-health. The everyday
stigmatisation of the Mad affects everyone.
Mad Chicks fight this stigma by celebrating the creativity and eloquence of Mad women.

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Talking (even more bollocks) About Cannabis

24-02-2008 14:23

We’ve been looking for a worthy adversery in the void ever since the Ukippers stopped biting and unfortunately Debra Bell is not one.

That said while she continues to spout unscientific drivel on her lame website (1) we’ll continue to expose her for the ignorant hypocrite she is.

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Council Release Timetable for Closure of Noel St Leisure Centre

24-02-2008 00:06

Noel Street Leisure Centre
Nottingham City Council this week agreed to pay a private firm of architects £320,000 for the design of a new swimming pool and gym within the Djanogly City academy on Gregory Boulevard. At the same time, a timetable for the closure of Forest Fields' Leisure Centre on Noel Street was approved.

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Support Bhopal Survivors

23-02-2008 18:08

Bhopal Survivors marching on Delhi to get Indian PM to honour pledges

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A film with altitude on at the Phoenix, 16th March

22-02-2008 11:13

New film exposing the aviation industry's other dirty little habit.

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The intestines of 3000 pigs required to make 1 kilogram of pig derived heparin

22-02-2008 00:38

Animal derived drugs such as heparin and thrombin are a dangerous source
of porcine, bovine, and avian spongiform encephalopathies or BSE varieties.
They also have ecoli, liver and kidney hazards. In addition they violate
the spiritual beliefs of Muslim, Orthodox Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Rastafarian,
Seventh Day Adventist, Wesleyan Methodist, Trappist monk, vegan, vegetarian,
fruitarian and other spiritual
belief systems.

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Save Victoria Baths from closure, Demo at the Council House

20-02-2008 21:10

Nottingham City Council have started a consultation process, with a view to shutting the Victoria Baths next to Sneinton Market. The council say: "Closure of the centre, which is situated near Sneinton Market, is being considered. On Monday 19th February about 100 people protested outside the Council House to demonstrate against the possible closure

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US Government Agency Denounces Animal Testing

15-02-2008 23:37

"We are not rats and we are not even other primates … After all, ultimately what you are looking for is, does this compound do damage to cells? Can we, instead of looking at a whole animal, look at cells from different organs?"
Director Dr. Francis Collins, National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)

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Council propose to shut Victoria Baths, Sneinton

13-02-2008 21:25

Nottingham City Council have started a consultation process, with a view to shutting the Victoria Baths next to Sneinton Market. The council say: "Closure of the centre, which is situated near Sneinton Market, is being considered.

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City Council intends to Close popular leisure facility

12-02-2008 12:35

Nottingham City Council have caused upset amoung residents of St Anns and Sneinton by announcing its intention to close one of our oldest and most loved leisure facilities, the Victoria Baths, located in the City Centre adjacent to Sneinton market.

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Victims of HealthQuest Abuses in N.S.W. Australia Contact Amnesty in London

12-02-2008 05:03

On several occasions since 1995 victims of the N.S.W. Government Medical Office, HealthQuest, have contacted Amnesty International in London. We have yet to receive a response. Soviet psychiatry is being used against dissident public servants and whistleblowers in N.S.W. Australia. HealthQuest is staffed with psychiatrists and psychologists who are prepared to diagnose for money and power. We hope that this time, Amnesty will finally launch an investigation into our plight.

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You are what you eat

11-02-2008 18:05

What children eat at an early age determines what they will eat later in childhood and what they will eat as adults.

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Keep Norwegian farm from publicly murdering Knerten the Pig

09-02-2008 15:47

Farm wants to drag children down, teaching them psychopathy of butchering,
by publicly murdering Knerten the pig.
The God in You.. help stop this.

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Iraq: Starvation as a Method of Warfare

09-02-2008 14:36

Hussein Al-Alak is Chairman of the Iraq Solidarity Campaign.

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What a load of rubbish

09-02-2008 05:14

Big dump!
This story doesn't have too much to do with the UK. Except that, as the Buddha would say, we're all fundamentally interconnected. Or, to put it another way, one woman's waste is another woman's garden furniture.

And maybe the pics will help to stoke the fire in your belly...

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UCLA Vivisector Gets Return Visit from ALF

07-02-2008 21:21

According to the Los Angeles Times, an incendiary device damaged her home today; no one was home at the time. The ALF claimed to target London for her sadistic routine of addicting non-human primates to methamphetamine; she has also published data on primate addiction to nicotine, and addicting baby lambs to cocaine.

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Sussex Uni Students Challenge Uni and Home Office over Animal Experiments

06-02-2008 22:40

Sussex Uni....? The one that got exposed recently for doing the most stupid experiments by BUAV. The new campaign (by VFS) has released a document that challenges the ridiculous experiments, whilst also well establishing a variety of charities funding the tests...whilst not forgetting GlaxoSmithKline's aid in the torture - as per usual.

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Re Secretary of State for Health Alan Johnson's release on water fluoridation

06-02-2008 19:59

The DoH refuses to acknowledge extensive evidence that the side effects of fluoridation can be so severe that, were it to be classified as a medicinal product (as EC law demands) then it would instantly be withdrawn from the market. In attempting to remedy a small number of defects in a few children's teeth, this 'remedy' will actually cause damage to all of the teeth of half of the children drinking this quack medicne.