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Alcohol risk far greater for unborn babies' health: study

06-07-2006 00:33

Far Greater Risk
Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a serious health problem that tragically affects its victims and their families, but that is completely preventable. Causing a child to suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome is really nothing short of child abuse and it lasts for life. Babies born with FAS tend to weigh less and be shorter than normal.

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Leaflet for Critical Mass and bike films -Friday 7th July

05-07-2006 23:08

Fridays leaflet
Leaflet for Critical mass and bike film night this Friday.

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Critical Mass and bike film night July 7th this friday!

05-07-2006 22:41

Sick of your exercise bike that goes nowhere? Ride a bike but don’t look like a lycra-clad budget superhero? Sick of nearly getting run over by buses and taxis? Come celebrate our greener and greater method of transport at the monthly Critical Mass bike ride this Friday, 7th July at 6pm outside St. Philips cathedral.

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Sheffield Keep the NHS Public Protest

05-07-2006 16:49

Stall outside Sheffield Town Hall
Today is the 58th anniversary of the founding of the NHS and there was a protest outside Sheffield Town Hall against its privatisation.

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You thought it was freedom

05-07-2006 10:13

.The long to effects that the goverment have left and that fact
that what ever they by be doing now , will not be know for years to come . The control of the people and situation for there own gain.

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chemtrails video evidence from June 2006

03-07-2006 10:43


click the link to access the video

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Australia: Bayer´s Levitra marketing criticized

30-06-2006 17:12

YOU might call it a hard bargain. Men who take the impotence pill Levitra but still fail to rise to the challenge will be given their money back.
But a leading specialist says this marketing thrust is unethical because it creates unrealistic expectations about the effectiveness of drugs.

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Medics At Russian G8

30-06-2006 12:24

Two medics from the UK are heading to Russia for the G8. They will be training activists there to be medics, and providing cover themselves during the G8. They still need money to help cover equipment costs (and travel if possible) - you can donate at

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Shit Treatment for Bootle Civil Servants

28-06-2006 09:01

The government are conducting a “witch hunt” against trade union leaders, threatening disciplinary action against staff who advised colleagues to go home when office toilets broke down.

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Private GP surgery criticised in Liverpool

26-06-2006 19:33

Merseyside's first private GPs surgery represents "one more nail in the coffin" of the frontline NHS, which was 'free at the point of use' when it was set up after World War Two.

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Liverpool Care Home Crisis Grows

26-06-2006 19:19

Twenty-eight more Merseyside pensioners look set to be thrown out of their care home, when Kelton Grange in Aigburth closes its doors for the final time. They face a grim future, as half of all pensioners die within a short time of being moved.

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Sheffield Keep Our NHS Public Protest

26-06-2006 13:38

Protest On the 58th Anniversary of the NHS

Stop Privatisation and Cuts in services

Wednesday 5th July 5pm
Sheffield Town Hall

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Save the NHS demo:24th June 06

26-06-2006 08:12

NHS-not for sale
Health workers and NHS users joined a street protest in Manchester on 24th June 2006 regarding the Pennine Acute Trust crisis that threatens more than 1,200 NHS jobs.

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Photos- NHS Demo against Job cuts in Gtr Manchester hospitals

26-06-2006 00:47

selection of photos from Demo called by Keep our NHS Public and Health Trade unions

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Chartered Institute of Housing to Distance Itself from Corporate Bullying?

21-06-2006 20:01

John Callcutt English Partnerships Corporate Bully Boy, Self Absolved?
Presently holding a four day conference and exhibition at Harrogate, the Chartered Institute of Housing have received a letter of invitation to check up a few details of one of their guest speakers. Mr. John Callcutt, Chief Executive Officer of English Partnerships is in the firing line.

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Defend NHS Demo - Victoria Station 11:30 June 24th

21-06-2006 13:52

Demonstrations against 800 job cuts and service cuts at Pennine PCT, gather at Victoria Station 1130, Saturday 24th June

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STROLL, ROLL, and RALLY for positive welfare reform

21-06-2006 12:41

Setting off
There was a good atmosphere as fifty campaigners strolled and rolled from Devonshire Green to Sheffield Town Hall last Saturday.

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Don't let your doctor put you on "The Spine"

20-06-2006 16:36

At the centre of the recent NHS computer debacle is an information system ripe for gross abuse: "The Spine".

You may have to actively opt out of having YOUR medical notes on this system.

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Destitute Millionaire's daughter finally gets her day in Court.

19-06-2006 13:42

Old man, helped to die by 3 NHS Trusts. Had not been dying. Seems to have been fleeced. Why will no-one listen? I have full documentary evidence to back up what I say. See more on

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STROLL, ROLL, and RALLY against the Incapacity Benefit Cuts

17-06-2006 20:21

There was a national demonstration against the government's plans to reform Incapacity Benefit in Sheffield on 17th June 2006 in Sheffield.