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Medics At Russian G8

UK Action Medics | 30.06.2006 12:24 | G8 Russia 2006 | Health | Repression | World

Two medics from the UK are heading to Russia for the G8. They will be training activists there to be medics, and providing cover themselves during the G8. They still need money to help cover equipment costs (and travel if possible) - you can donate at

Two activists from the UK Action Medics ( ) are now in Russia to run some trainings and cover the G8 demonstrations in mid July.

This is in solidarity with our russian activist mates and especially because
- otherwise there is currently little to NO medic cover (except those
trained in the Ukraine last month)
- the hospitals in Russia are almost always best avoided due to limited
resources and poorly sterilised equipment. As well as wide spread
infectious diseases such as HIV and TB
- the importance of solidarity especially in situations where medic
cover would otherwise not exist. i.e there is no 999. and currently only
a few newly trained activist medics

So we're aiming to train more people at a basic street level and
provide/coordinate more experienced backup and extended care. This is
something that the Russians and Ukrainians who requested us to do the
original training have asked us to do.

We also want to take the finances to buy kit - we're going to carry as
much as possible but we're doing most of the journey by train and the
border crossings are sketchy. Therefore, realistically we're going to
have to get a lot (if not most) kit there. The exchange rate luckily
puts us in a very favourable position. but the economics mean that we
may well have to provide kit for anyone we train if possible .
Unfortunately our personal funds are limited. So if you can please give us money.
even a tiny contribution will be a significant amount in russia..

Thousands of people travelled to Scotland last year and we had over a
hundred medics from international backgrounds to cover the summit, with
months of fundraising behind them for basic supplies in a situation with
major backup.

The level of force used by the authorities in Russia is expected to be
lethal. Also the fascists are a significant issue having killed
anarchists in St Petersburg in the last year.

There are 2 of us. Already 9 people have been trained to basic level,
and we'll probably manage to train at best another?? 40 ?
thats it. so.

in case you missed it you can give us money by going here and using

you can also keep up with our adventures at that address. we are lucky
to have a great backup team in the uk who will be looking out for us and
will post there if anything goes really wrong.

UK Action Medics
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