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Trades Union C****

07-09-2011 23:56

TUC gets it dreadfully wrong!

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More Atos Graphics

06-09-2011 14:49


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Critical NHS demo on Wednesday

04-09-2011 19:17

Critical NHS demo on Wednesday

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Slaughterhouse Jobs: Human and Animal Rights Issues

04-09-2011 18:11

Illegal immirgrants hired to the most dangerous occupation in the world.
Terrified animals kick, peck workers. Workers killed or maimed by chain saws, knives, hooks. Ear dynsfunction from the constant shrieks of animals fighting for their lives.

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NATO-Rebels: Carnage And Abuses

30-08-2011 22:17

NATO-Rebels - Libya
Images Emerging From Tripoli Show Carnage And Abuses By NATO Rebels ....... The photographs emerging from Tripoli after the Al-Qaida terrorists invaded with the support of NATO air strikes and bombing the way clear for them, show a carnage with an estimated more than 30,000 dead and mounting. NATO must immediately heed African Union demands and withdraw.

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Atos Macht Frei – That Censored Carer Watch Post Revealed!

28-08-2011 11:42

The post which led to IT company Atos using legal threats to close down the Carer Watch forums is reproduced below (1). Libellous?

The offending piece was not written by a Carer Watch forum member, but was a repost with a clear link to the site on which it originally appeared. Please republish.

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Fightback Against Atos Censorship!

25-08-2011 12:13

The Carer Watch forums forced offline by poverty pimps Atos Origin are still not back despite Atos claiming to be willing to negotiate. It now appears that Atos are refusing to even state which posts on the site, a volunteer-run online meeting place for disabled people and their carers, they have deemed to be ‘libellous’ (1).

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ATOS Healthcare Vs The Whole Internet

22-08-2011 19:03

Solicitors Letter to AtosRegisterofShame's ISP
Quick! Someone call Anonymous!

Corporate Megadeath machine ATOS Healthcare are involved in the covert silencing of literally hundreds of its sick and disabled online critics. Over the last week numerous websites and internet discussion forums have closed after Atos's head of legal services, solicitor James T J Loughrey [1], contacted ISPs to demand the closures.

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Campaigners fight deportation order for 19th August

18-08-2011 20:37

Justice and Ruby on their wedding day
The Home Office are set to deport Justice Charles to Sierra Leone tomorrow, even though he is married to a British citizen, has lived in the UK for 10 years and will not be able to get the health care he needs in Sierra Leone.

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ATOS Worker - Sick are "Parasitical Wankers" - Update and Dox

08-08-2011 17:03

Verified Copy of Anthony Treasure's Facebook Page Surfaces.

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ATOS Worker - Sick are "Parasitical Wankers"

07-08-2011 12:57

Anthony Treasure (Tony Treasure) from Castleford, Wakfield speaks out about his job de-benefitting the sick and disabled.

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The bomb: 76 years later

05-08-2011 20:32

Seventy-six years ago today the city of Hiroshima was ravaged by a US nuclear bomb. Within days Nagasaki too had been torn apart by this terrifying new weapon of mass destruction.

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US' Cargill 36 MILLION Lbs. of Diseased Turkey Flesh...Criminal Neglect by USG

05-08-2011 04:19

Why did the CDC, FDA, USDA wait several weeks before taking action as people
in 27 US states died or were sickened?
the trillions of dollars of Cargill clout

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Delivering the answer to GM spuds in Norwich

30-07-2011 09:04

Growers from across the country kick off the campaign against field testing.

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African Children Vaccinated At Gunpoint. Does Bill Gates Approve?

22-07-2011 12:59

Poster's note:
"Vaccines" are developed by killing captive animals. The World Health Organization's 'smallpox vaccine' spread AIDS throughout Africa. (See London Times Science
Editor P Wright May 1987) Now Bill Gates' 'vaccines' are being administered at gunpoint
while Gates along with others who are billionaires through theft.... meet together to discuss

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Direct action @ Kensington & Chelsea Council’s Cabinet Meeting

20-07-2011 20:02

The Town Hall, Hornton Street, London W8 7NX

at 5.30pm on Thursday 21 July 2011

The Supreme Court has ruled in support of Kensington and Chelsea council’s withdrawal of overnight care to Elaine McDonald to save money.

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UG#559 - Famine, The Fruit of Disconnection (Jailing Gardeners, Raw Milk & Soil)

17-07-2011 02:38

A show on the 'developed' world's fundamental disconnection from the soil that ultimately sustains us all, with an emphasis on the insanity of modern US food laws. Julian Cribb on the global famines ahead, Ivan Illich on soil and virtue, David Gumpert on why FDA agents went undercover for a year to catch an Amish farmer accused of selling raw milk. Then Frederick Kaufman on global food market profiteering by Goldman Sachs and Patrick Holden from the UK soil association on organic food and use of direct action to escape the market model of food provision.

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UG#558 - Into Eternity (Understanding The Ongoing Nuclear Wars)

09-07-2011 09:06

Did you know that the nuclear fallout in Fallujah is worse than in Hiroshima or Nagasaki? Brian Haw did. We start with a few words from the recently departed one man political protest. Then Chris Busby speaks on the dangers of radiation that authorities and the media conspire to cover up, and we hear from Jeff Donn about the real risks and radiation releases in US nuclear power stations. Our title feature, in hour 2, is a radio adaptation of the sombre and philosophical film, Into Eternity, about the Finnish efforts to build the world's first long term nuclear storage facility.

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PRO-CHOICE DEMO Saturday 16th July, 1-2pm, outside the Guildhall, Market Square

04-07-2011 22:13

Women's right to an abortion in the UK is under threat