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Ignored by the left…

07-05-2007 15:03

Why are extremely vulnerable sick and disabled people being ignored by progressive forces of all kinds?

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Video - You Plant, We Dig

07-05-2007 10:32

Short video of the April 21st anti-GM rally and picnic that ended with the attempted underplanting of organic potatoes in a field thought to be earmarked for a BASF GM potato crop trial in Hedon near Hull.

8 mins, 19mb, H264 encoded

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global marijuana march: 14 held in moscow

06-05-2007 17:26

protests against cannabis prohibition took place in over 200 cities worldwide on saturday

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International Compost Awareness Week

03-05-2007 13:56

promotion of recycling and composting
International Compost Awareness Week takes place 6-12 May 2007.

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The Welfare Bill to become law: disabled people failed by the left

03-05-2007 12:41

as the bill becomes law, questions need to be asked about the lack of support from progressives, etc

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NZ parents retain right to smack children?

02-05-2007 12:02

Spare the Rod
It is not a matter of marching, decent, good parents into court. It's a matter of leading by example. Violence does not win and smacking children is the root cause of domestice violence.

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01-05-2007 14:25

We are seeing a massive explosion in rat populations across the country thanks to imposition of fortnightly waste collection. Our problems are only just beginning as we put public health at risk.

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UK Refuses Entry to Lancet Iraq Death Toll Study Author

01-05-2007 11:02

One of the co-authors of a Lancet study which estimated that more than 650,000 civilian deaths had occurred in Iraq following the 2003 invasion has been barred from entering the UK after he was refused a transit visa at Heathrow following a flight from Jordan.

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Aspartame to be removed from Sainsburys products

30-04-2007 23:32

The dangerous artificial sweetner called aspartame which has linked to a long list of diseases and sickness, is being removed from all own brand products by the UKs biggest supermarket Sainsbury.

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Bin revolution gathers pace

30-04-2007 15:20

It takes a lot to get people to do more than moan and groan, and yet axing bin collections seems to have galvanised the masses into action.

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Department of Health Leak: Government Can't Be Trusted With Your Details

29-04-2007 17:13

Manchester No2ID Logo
NO2ID campaigners recently condemned the Department of Health's mass exposure of student and junior doctors' private information over the internet [1].
Highly sensitive personal details - including ethnicity, sexuality and religion - held on the controversial Medical Training Application Service system were openly available online.

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Grandma faces eviction for using medical cannabis

28-04-2007 15:41

A campaign to support Pat Tabram (the 'Grandma who Eats Cannabis') is being launched to prevent her cruel and vindictive eviction from her home because she publicly refuses to stop self medicating with natural organic cannabis, and won't keep her mouth shut.

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Australian ALP to vote on uranium mines policy

27-04-2007 23:20

No Uranium Mines
"I sought advice and indeed direction if you like from the rank and file of the party and those who attended those meetings were very strong in their view that we shouldn't change the policy," he said.

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HBOS Plc AGM Brighton - Evicted Family Petition Executive Directors For Help

26-04-2007 21:33

HBOS AGM Brighton Dome Family Petition Executive Directors
Yesterday, (25th April) the evicted houseboat – ‘Shalom’ Family of seven, from Wales, called on banking giant HBOS PLC at their AGM which was being held at the Brighton Dome. A simple message, asking for ‘help’, was conveyed to the Crest Nicholson ‘major shareholder’, and a letter of petition was received by bank staff.

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MPs call for Government investigation into SOAS Head

25-04-2007 00:21

Workshy Lady Judge: can only manage a two-day week
Questions raised about suitability of SOAS Chairman Lady Barbara Judge for Nuclear job

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Local elections bin backlash

24-04-2007 15:36

bins left in the street
There is expected to be a major bin backlash in the May local elections, with councillors who backed fortnightly waste collection kicked out of office.

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Protestors plant GM trial site with organic potatoes. (press release)

22-04-2007 18:09

People from all over the country are currently planting organic potatoes in the field proposed as a GM potato trial site outside Hull. It is hoped that the donation of safe spuds will prevent the planting of the controversial crop, which threatens the livelihoods of local borage growers and organic farmers.

Anna Lock explained;
“If you want to eat good safe potatoes, you have to plant good safe potatoes. By planting organic potatoes in this field today, the field will be rendered unsuitable for the GM trial. Scientific experiments need controllable variables, tiny organic seed potatoes hidden deep in the ground are a variable controlled only by nature. These seed potatoes will grow and BASF’s experiment will no longer be possible on this site.”

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Photos of GM trials site [cambridge]

22-04-2007 16:17

This lane runs along the eastside of Girton Woods. The fields are just ahead.
These photographs were taken in the afternoon of Sunday 22 April.

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Lydd Airport-Kent cuts jobs The beginning of the end?

17-04-2007 15:56

News today of cutbacks at Lydd Airport on Romney Marsh, Kent currently wanting to expand...

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Cambridge GM Crop Trial Location Published

16-04-2007 12:13

Defra have published the 6 figure grid reference for the GM Potato trial site near Cambridge.

It is: TL430627