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Dr Binayak Sen’s heart condition: Medicos writes to Chief Justice of India

09-04-2009 18:14

53 Doctors and Noam Chomsky writes to supreme court Chief Justice of India demanding immediate release of India's Bare foot Doctor & Human rights Defender Dr. Binayak Sen

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Veggie Pride UK - Sat 16 May in Birmingham

08-04-2009 22:53

Display one of our banners on your website, see link below
The UK`s first ever Veggie Pride event is set to hit the streets of Birmingham. On Saturday 16th May 2009, Veggie Pride UK will be a fantastic, fun-filled festival and carnival procession - a celebration of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. All are welcome and admission is free. This will be the first event of it`s kind anywhere in the UK. Take a look at the dazzling website

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League Against Cruel Sports

03-04-2009 12:29

London Group for LACS update

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Day of action against Subway for firing of pregnant worker

01-04-2009 09:48

Trade unionists and activists are taking part in the National Day of Action against the Subway sandwich chain on Saturday 4th April, in protest with their firing of pregnant worker Natalia Szymanska.

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01-04-2009 06:02

Promoting & celebrating homeless- friendly activity in WC1 is a big issue.

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Disabled activists occupy Birmingham City Council office: photos and video

31-03-2009 23:50

activists assemble at the Council House
Disabled People's Direct Action Network (DAN) returned to Birmingham on Monday March 30th to occupy Louisa Ryland House (Birmingham City Council's main housing and social services office) to demand accessible housing and choice and control over personal assistance for disabled people in Birmingham and across the country

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Pope - No condoms for Africa ..( Murderous policies of Catholic Church )

31-03-2009 08:39

The Bishop of Buea Diocese of the Catholic Church said the church does not discuss condoms. "As a catholic church, we do not discuss condoms. It hasn't got a place

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Appeal Court: Unlawful for hospitals to refuse urgent treatment to migrants

30-03-2009 15:21

Press release 30.3.2009: The Court of Appeal has today ruled that Department of Health guidance which forbade hospitals from providing temporary healthcare to destitute migrants with chronic illnesses is unlawful.

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Breakdown of the rule of law

28-03-2009 00:12

Brisbane Supreme Court Judge Ann Lyons
This article talks about the breakdown of the rule of law and government inaction on judicial abuse and corruption against a young bullied schoolboy forced to leave school as reported on Brisbane Radio 4BC to radio presenter, Chuck Brooks, in my published letters to the Editor of the Logan West Leader and Albert and Logan News, in international press articles including Mathaba Independent News Agency, Wall Street Journal, TodayUSA, Daylife, Newstin, Indymedia and many others. However, due to lack of press freedom in Australia, our ongoing ordeal is not being reported in this country.

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Ecoworks Gardening Workshops & Events Spring/Early Summer 2009

27-03-2009 09:27

A list of the varied workshops and events Ecoworks are taking part in or organising.

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World Day for Lab Animals National March - April 25th

27-03-2009 03:29

There is less than one month to go until the National March and Rally in London to mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories on Saturday April 25th. Already campaigners are planning to travel to London from across the UK, with still more coming from other countries such as France, Sweden, Holland, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Italy and Spain.

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Nuclear power consultation ends TODAY - e-mail template provided

25-03-2009 10:05

Today (25 March) is the deadline for submissions to the Government's consultation for Justification for New Nuclear Reactors. This is one of very few chances you have to put forward your concerns on the health effects, etc of nuclear power, as local planning inquiries will refuse to hear these arguments under the new streamlined planning laws.

For your convenience, a sample e-mail is provided, along with contact details. It will only take a minute of your time to copy and paste and send.

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Save Victoria Baths Campaign, Still need to be active

23-03-2009 22:38

On saturday 21 March, members of the Save Victoria Baths Campaign were out in the Market Square collecting signatures on their petition to the council.

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Pepsi, CVS, JPMorgan Chase, ATT all connected to Yum Foods & KFC

20-03-2009 18:08

To facilitate a quick victory for a boycott, it is good to boycott all brands of that
corporation, to research its board of directors, its foreign govt. connections
Pepsi, CVS, JPMorgan Chase, ATT all connected to Yum Foods and
KFC with interlocking management.

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Inside HLS : 1997-2008

19-03-2009 19:17

Undercover footage from inside Europe's largest animal testing laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) from 1997 - 2008. Edited by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), see for individual investigations and exposés.

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March 19 Day of Action Against Corporate Excess

19-03-2009 12:03

On March 19, 2009 Americans in cities nationwide will hold demonstrations at the offices of major banks and other corporations to demand more responsible corporate behavior and call on Congress to enact the change that will make it happen: employee free choice and healthcare reform.

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End Child Poverty - 10 Years

18-03-2009 17:03

Bill boards in Parliament Square
The Campaign to End Child Poverty organised a demonstration in Parliament Square today (17 March) to remind Gordon Brown of his pledges about the eradication of child poverty in the UK. Photographs Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Fundraiser to Combat War Trauma

17-03-2009 10:56

All Welcome!

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Children in immigration prison/ Demonstrate 21st March

16-03-2009 18:56

The UK is the only EU country to indefinitely detain children.
(if you think detention is an issue like many others, please read below)