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Hunger Killing Millions in India on World Food Day

15-10-2007 20:44

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations celebrates World Food Day on October 16th. This was the date in 1948 when the right to food was first formerly recognised by the global community as a basic human right. Yet there is massive malnutrition in India, which is still killing millions of children in India each year, an issue that is very much under reported in the UK press.

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No Means No! Help Stop More Incineration In The UK

15-10-2007 10:22


Yes, you've heard about these plans before, and yes, you objected so much they were thrown out by the Council.
But WRG have ignored this democratic decision and re-submmitted their plans to expand Nottingham's dirty Eastcroft Incinerator. Time for us to shout even louder...

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A612 Bus Plug Road Kill Two Squirrels dead

13-10-2007 12:19

If a couple of squirrels get squashed who cares... but what if it's your child, granny or partner that walks out onto the Burton Road Bus Plug, thinking they have right of way...

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Protection for infant health won in Philippines baby milk marketing case

12-10-2007 13:07

Following national and international campaigning, babies in their families have gained greater protection from the aggressive marketing practices of the baby food industry.

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12-10-2007 11:55

On smoke
I should like to say that at the moment humanity is so much enslaved by mechanisation that the majority have become, consciously or unconsciously, robots.

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Benefit events for Nicaragua hurricane appeal

11-10-2007 10:02

Events in aid of the appeal to help communities on Nicaragua's North Atlantic coast, which was hit at the beginning of September by Hurricane Felix. It has left over 100,000 homeless and several hundred dead in this already poor and remote area. Crops, livestock, homes and health centres were also killed or destroyed.

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Keep Our NHS Public - Liverpool public meeting 18th Oct

08-10-2007 10:07

7pm - Friends Meeting House, School Lane, Liverpool (btwn Bluecoat and Hanover St) - 3BT

We need to develop the movement to protect and preserve our NHS, whose vital services and precious resources are being given away to the private sector. All of us rely on the NHS, and all of us will be affected by what is happening to it. The invited speakers have a wealth of experience of working within the NHS and fighting to improve and defend it

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Panic at NHS direct action call

06-10-2007 14:18

PANIC has greeted calls for direct action by Sussex hospitals campaigners.

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Why I Love the Burton Road Bus Plug

05-10-2007 11:04

How the bus plug along Burton Road is changing my life for the better

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Midlands: health boss to get pay increase while workers face pay cut

04-10-2007 23:15

Hospital workers in Leicestershire were shocked and outraged by the news that interim Chief Executive for the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Derek Smith, will be paid £100,000 for three months work. Meanwhile, Wolverhampton healthworkers face a pay cut.

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Deaths in Mental Health Custody

02-10-2007 17:06

As deaths in mental health custody rise in British hospitals, the family of a woman who died a year ago today carry on a campaign for justice. Sandra Jean Allen died on 2nd October 2006 after systemic problems with her mental healthcare. Supporters of the campaign are urged to join at or to email

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England RFU Club Rugby Sponsored by Corporate Bullies? - RFU Chief Notified

02-10-2007 11:56

Rugby Football Union Offical Website - Linking To Community Rugby
England RFU members, Warlingham RFC and Weybridge Vandals RFC are both sponsored by Crest Nicholson. Under the relatively new ownership of Castle Bidco, (backed by Bank of Scotland and Sir Tom Hunter's investment vehicle, West Coast Capital,) one Welsh Family believes the RFU and its ‘Family Friendly’ clubs should be aware of the companies’ bullying past.

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F**k Bupa!

02-10-2007 10:29

A band of jolly joggers took the opportunity to challenge the corporate message at the Great North Run, in Newcastle, 30th September 07.

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McDonald`s Day of Action in B`ham

02-10-2007 02:01

On Saturday 13th October, Midlands Vegan Campaigns will team up with
Birmingham Food not Bombs for a day of action against McDonald`s in B`ham
City Centre.

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Rotter (rotten) dam

26-09-2007 13:04


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Cholera in Iraq our responsibility

24-09-2007 18:25

In an incredibly short space of time a cholera epidemic has spread from the north of Iraq to the south.
The US and the UK are responsible for this.

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A tale of two public sector meetings in Leeds

24-09-2007 17:04

Reports from two public sector meetings, September 2007: Leeds Public Sector Pay Campaign rally (Tues. 18 Sept) and Public Services not Private Profit (Thurs 20 Sept), Leeds Council Chambers - by Leeds Workers Power.

The next Leeds Public Sector Pay Campaign organising meeting is in the Unison Offices 3rd October at 19:30

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Cine Cuba

21-09-2007 12:37

A New Monthly Film Club Comes to London

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Killing teh Future: The Worldwide Ban Asbestos Movement

18-09-2007 17:13

Asbestos has sicked tens of thousands throughout the world, yet it is still legal in many countries

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‘Lancet’ report, meat = environmental threat!

14-09-2007 22:02

Lancet medical journal report highlights ‘meat footprint’ issue.