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Bernard Mathews given the all clear to ship live birds into exclusion zone

13-02-2007 17:48

It beggars belief that Bernard Mathews was allowed to continue processing poultry at their Suffolk site during the avian influenza crisis, continued exporting to Hungary, and within days of the slaughter of 159,000 birds, were able to ship live birds into the exclusion zone created around the infected site. Yes, it's business as usual.

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Collect Refuse in Oxford Weekly

13-02-2007 13:47

"CROW", a campaign to restore weekly collections
of waste from properties within Oxford City.

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Why do we feed our kids junk food?

12-02-2007 14:54

Children need the best food, not the worst, and yet we feed them rubbish, such as regurgitated slaughter house slurry, repackaged as chicken nuggets.

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'It's safe to eat if cooked properly'

12-02-2007 14:48

What confidence can we have in a diseased food product, when we are assured not to worry, as it is safe to eat if cooked properly? Not eat it, maybe?

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Torchlit March for NHS 22 February Liverpool

11-02-2007 00:54

Help us fight for our Health Service
Thursday 22nd February
Assemble 5:30 pm Royal Liverpool University Hospital
Torchlit march to St. George's Plateau

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10-02-2007 11:05

PRO BIKE NOT ANTI CAR: Big changes required to stop global warming warning skeptics.

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Avian Flu? - Q: When is a virus not a virus? A: When it’s a mycoplasma.

10-02-2007 01:05

Is the so-called bird flu “virus” really a virus?

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Avian influenza

09-02-2007 16:36

Slowly, slowly the true story is emerging.

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Recycling in the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor goes from bad to worse

09-02-2007 16:21

The Rotten Borough of Rushmoor is one of the worst performing councils in the country on recycling. And it goes from bad to worse. Council officials have now been forced to admit they have failed to meet their own targets on green waste recycling.

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Tory MEP backs incinerators over EU wide recycling scheme.

09-02-2007 14:42

Friends of the Earth HQ Press Release Feb 9.

Tory MEP, Caroline Jackson is proposing more incineration of waste rather than more recycling as the answer to the ever growing refuse mountain.

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Pro-abortion women plan massive rally

07-02-2007 19:42

Rational human beings plan a pro-abortion rally on 3 March 2007, to slap back the world's advancing army of anti-abortion religious loons.

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Recycling – the good, the bad and the ugly

07-02-2007 15:52

In the Rotten Bororough of Rushmoor, New-Labour sycophant Keith Dibble has launched a vicious attack on fellow councillor Peter Sandy for daring to criticise crass council policies on recycling and for raising the legitimate concerns of the local community.

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The EM Radiation Research Trust

06-02-2007 13:51

The EM Radiation Research Trust are pleased to announce that Dr George Carlo has agreed to visit to the UK to address MPs at Westminster on Thursday 22nd February, 2007 and to meet Sir William Stewart, UK Health Protection Agency Chairman.

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Lydd Airport consultation period-pls send objections!

05-02-2007 16:58

Lydd Airport on Romney Marsh, Kent has recently submitted plans to expandto 2 mill pax per year and a runway extention to allow 737 type jets.
It's just 2 miles from Dungeness A & B Nuke stations and surrounded by nature reserves (RSPB) and SSSI'. There is a Primary School just 500 mtrs from end of runway and MoD firing ranges in the area.

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Bird Flu - Chomsky et al call for global solidarity

05-02-2007 01:04

A call to global solidarity in the face of H5N1 and other avian influenza viruses signed by Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Walden Bello and others. Bird flu is not a media scare story, it is a major threat to poor people throughout the world. What we need is a global justice response.

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Defend Public Health March in Liverpool

02-02-2007 18:15

Merseyside TUC at its meeting on Saturday 20th January agreed to support the NHS Together NW TUC regional demonstration on 3rd March and also to organise a pre-demonstration to be held on:

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“Milk is Murder” in red paint stunt

02-02-2007 18:06

Today animal rights protesters covered dairy products and beef with red paint in the ASDA supermarket in Cambridge. The action was in designed to highlight the link between live exports and the milk industry. According to a spokesperson for campaigners “when consumers buy milk products they are supporting the inhumane export of young male calves from the milk industry to other European countries, the animals, if they get there alive may be subject to conditions so inhumane they are illegal in the UK” . According to the protesters, they are exported in order to be raised in veal crates for their 'meat'. "This trade causes suffering and distress to both the baby calves and the mother cows, who have their babies taken at a few days old."

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Parliamentary Public Meeting - Ban Uranium Weapons

31-01-2007 16:46

CADU Parliamentary Lobby anbd Public Meeting 7th February

The Campaign Against Depleted Uranium is pleased to announce a lobby of the UK Parliament and public meeting, please come along and show your support. Free CADU Lobby Packs are available from the office - please email us for a copy.

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New film: Bad Medicine; the Human Cost of Animal Experiments

31-01-2007 04:48

A new film exposing the true human consequences of basing human medicine on animal experimentation.

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Monsanto's new Vistive GE Soy bean not worth the risk!

28-01-2007 21:47

Not worth the risk!
Monsanto's new Vistive GE Soy bean not worth the risk!