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Collect Refuse in Oxford Weekly

Campaigner | 13.02.2007 13:47 | Health | Oxford

"CROW", a campaign to restore weekly collections
of waste from properties within Oxford City.

Oxford City has introduced fortnightly collections of refuse in the name of "recycling". We are a group of ardent recyclers but we are now seeing parts of our city turned into pavement rubbish tips. This month the scheme will expand throughout the city. We know we have a rat problem in Oxford and this scheme will exacibate the problem. The council are talking about fining residents if they put their rubbish out too early for collection but this will only hurt the the most disadvantaged in our society.

We are committed to recycling as much as possible.

We believe that for years councils have done little to encourage recycling - now our city council is trying to force people with this scheme instead of education, encouragement or reward.

There has been no proper consultation or debate with the residents.

There has been no long term research on the effects of fortnightly refuse collections.

Fortnightly refuse collections do not work in highly populated areas such as Oxford City.

Terraced houses with no rear or side access and small gardens were not designed for wheelie-bins and the fortnightly storage of waste.

We have high levels of multi-occupation housing.

In the hot summer months this scheme will create a health hazard with an increase in flies, maggots and rats.

Overflowing, obtrusive wheelie bins are already spoiling parts of Oxford.
We believe that this scheme will create an increase in fly-tipping.

We are campaigning for an improved community recycling programme and a return to weekly collections.

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