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"It's A Mad World

26-08-2009 13:41

An evening of food, films and social space to openly explore perspectives on mental health.

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Parasitic Scientists

24-08-2009 09:46

Results in mice are extremely promising and, as usual they seek "substantial" funding to advance their findings.

Someone, please pass the sick o bag.

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Mainshill Update - increase in police surveillance

21-08-2009 18:09

The Mainshill Solidarity Camp was set up in June to stop an open cast coal mine from being built next to the village of Douglass in South Lanarkshire. Two weeks ago it hosted the Camp for Climate Action Scotland. The camp has treehouses, towers and tunnels all built to resist eviction.

Since the end of Climate Camp Scotland we've been sorting out left over tat and continuing building defences. This week we have had an increase in Police surveillance with early morning visits on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Both times two police officers walked around the site taking video footage of defences.

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Media Disinformation: UK Government is Planning Mass Graves in Case of Swine Flu

20-08-2009 23:20

An official UK government report --quoted extensively in Britain's tabloid media-- is warning the British public that there will be countless deaths in the case of a swine flu pandemic. According to the WHO, a Worlwide public health emergency situation will take place in the Fall.

The chilling proposals contained in the government report serve to intimidate the British public and create an atmosphere of panic. A public health crisis is being planned in a diabolical fashion.

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West Midlands Vegan Festival, Sat 24 October, Wolverhampton

11-08-2009 16:38

Please display one of our banners or buttons on your website
Whether you`re vegan, an aspiring vegan or just vegan curious, there`s only one place to be on Saturday 24th October 2009! World Vegan Day celebrations will start a week early this year, at the MEGA FANTASTIC West Midlands Vegan Festival in Wolverhampton!!

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Crowds flocked @ Free Vegan Food Giveaway in Birmingham

09-08-2009 18:12

On Saturday 8th August 2009, members of Midlands Vegan Campaigns staged a Free Vegan Food Giveaway on New Street in Birmingham City Centre.
Watch a video of the event here

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The World's Largest Parasites

09-08-2009 00:24

Although you people in Europe are sensible and have government insurance, never trust the United States. They will be trying to privatize every part of your economy they can. They are privatizing everything over here including Social Security. Not even Medicare is free anymore. Don't trust these bastards. The health insurance companies are the largest parasites in the world. I myself am about to move to New Zealand or some other rational, non warlike country.

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False opposition to animal liberation

08-08-2009 13:29

As much as radically critical political theory - or should I say anti-political - is seen as thoughtcrime by the state, I am increasingly notice this to be true of the radical political/anarchist scenes. It seems there are so many dogmas and liberal expectations to be aspired to that these mileues are just as coercive and authoritarian as conventional political. Veganism, or at least vegetarianism seems to be one of these, and as a meat eater I regularly come up against those preaching consumption politics.

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Long List of Groups Around The World Working To End Animal Experimentation

07-08-2009 21:34

Groups working to end electroshocking, sleep deprivation, burning, cancercausing injects,
confinement, thirst, hunger, and other tortures of animals

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Crucified For Speaking the Truth

06-08-2009 17:41

There is one thing that can be counted on with absolute certainly in this relativistic world: there is a protected species which no one even dares to cross, certainly not in the mainstream media. This group can now get away with anything, and the MSM refuses to offer a contrary point of view.

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Bligh government corruption savaged by Tony Fitzgerald QC

04-08-2009 01:32

Former Queenslander, Fitzgerald Inquiry Commissioner and respected corruption fighter, Tony Fitzgerald QC, has savaged Queensland Labor's corruption, cronyism and secrecy during its 12 years in power.,25197,25851749-5013871,00.html

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65 Australians Dead from Swine Flu

03-08-2009 11:56

Australian mainstream media seem to be covering up the deaths of 65 Australians from Swine Flu.

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ADHD - Petition to increase NHS provisions and funding for Adults with ADHD

02-08-2009 14:11

We are asking the Prime Minister to ensure that NHS service provisions and funding arrangements for services for adults with ADHD are reviewed and revised urgently

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SHAC Campaign Update: July 2009

01-08-2009 20:32

Its time to put more pressure on HLS' customers, while HLS are in a weak position. Lets finish what we have begun and with your support, we believe we can.

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Dodging the Evidence - Leukemias and Nuclear Power Plants

31-07-2009 10:39

One of the many issues concerning nuclear power that the British government, the nuclear industry and their agents would rather ignore: the irrefutable evidence of an increased rate of leukaemia in children living close to nuclear power plants.

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Flotilla / vigil against nuclear power, Bradwell, Essex - Sun 9 August

29-07-2009 08:44


Sunday, 9th August 2009 - from 14.00 to 16.00 hrs
join a peaceful summer vigil in the Blackwater Estuary

The future of the Blackwater Estuary should concern everyone. Any despoiling of this unique facility will take away the opportunity for its enjoyment for many generations to come.

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You're Appointing Who? Please Obama, Say It's Not So!

25-07-2009 10:45

The person who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death
than anyone in history has just been made the US food safety czar. This is
no joke.

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Smoking ban upheld in Rampton

24-07-2009 18:29

soft cop social health creeping totalitarianism

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'It's a mad world!'

24-07-2009 10:06

An evening of food, films and social space to openly explore perspectives on mental health.