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Crowds flocked @ Free Vegan Food Giveaway in Birmingham

Midlands Vegan Campaigns | 09.08.2009 18:12 | Animal Liberation | Climate Chaos | Health | Birmingham

On Saturday 8th August 2009, members of Midlands Vegan Campaigns staged a Free Vegan Food Giveaway on New Street in Birmingham City Centre.
Watch a video of the event here

For over 2 hours, the general public crowded round the stalls as 6 members of Midlands Vegan Campaigns handed out a range of free vegan food.

4 pasting tables were used in a square outside Tesco on New Street, each with food, recipes and info leaflets, all free for the general public to taste, browse & take away.

Food offered included vegan sausages, burgers, ice cream, sushi, cheese on crackers, various cakes and lots more.

From start to finish, crowds of people swarmed round the tables, eager to taste the delicious delights of vegan cuisine.

Unfortunately, after 2 hours of shattering misconceptions about the taste and variety of vegan food, we were asked to pack up by the council. Although we would have liked to continue for another 2 hours, several hundred people did taste the food and take away lots of leaflets, recipes etc, so the event was a huge success. It was a first for MVC, but we certainly hope to repeat this!

Watch a video of the event here

The event was partially aimed at promoting the West Midlands Vegan Festival, which will take place on Saturday 24th October in Wolverhampton. The festival will feature 50+ stalls, talks, cookery demos, entertainment, a wide range of food and lots more.

Many thanks to the following companies for generous donations of their products:

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