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NHS bans legal-action pair from visiting patients

04-09-2008 10:38

Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust has banned two women involved in legal action against it from visiting an elderly family friend in hospital

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Shactivists do Hampshire

03-09-2008 22:48

On September 3rd it was noticed that so many of the targets SHAC have across Hampshire, have been neglected recently, so we thought we’d stay around Hampshire and take on Shareholders and customers all day.

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Belgian researcher finds doubled mortality rate caused by mobile phone radiation

31-08-2008 21:29

On Monday 23th June, Dirk Adang, a researcher working at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, presented a Ph.D. study which ought to set many a mobile phone and wireless internet user thinking.

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'Alarming' rise in self-harming at detention centres

31-08-2008 08:37

In the first six months of this year there were 109 cases of self-harm requiring medical attention. Colnbrook detention centre in Berkshire had the highest number, with 32 incidents so far this year. The numbers on self-harm watch have also risen - with 722 cases in the first half of 2008, up from 678 in the last six months of 2007. The total population of the country's immigration detention centres is typically below 2,300.

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Riseup! Radio #8 - September Show

30-08-2008 22:37

Climate camp cops in need of raw food diet?

Cor blimey – this month’s rioting edition of riseup! radio will have you jamming in the streets and digging carrots out of roundabouts. It’s our most packed and smartest show ever- no summer holidays for us, we’re too busy sorting our shit out- so join us for the lowdown on the summer’s hottest DIY events, camps and schemes, to find out why cops do bad things, and hear about some serious debates coming up this autumn. Get inspired to get involved.

Listen: #8 The September Show

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Demos Against HLS Customers in the South

29-08-2008 23:10

On Wednesay 27 August, four activists with a few hours to spare decided to visit Novartis and remind them of the horrors they pay for at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

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Export banned of Nepalese monkeys for vivisection

29-08-2008 18:47

GREAT NEWS; EXPORT HALTED: Round one is ours, now it's up to all of us to win this campaign and liberate the captured monkeys in the breeding facility in Nepal.

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Three HLS bosses home demos in DC

27-08-2008 22:49

WHY people protest HLS
On Aug 24, opponents of Animal torture marched on the homes of Marlene Nicholson, Danial Shapiro, and Jennifer Luray(or Loray), all high-ranking officials of corporations doing business with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Download audio-Three HLS client execs get home demos:

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SHAC Horsham Demos Continue, Despite Novartis Best Efforts

26-08-2008 18:32

Another lively afternoon was spent demonstrating at Novartis, Horsham today the 22 August.

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AstraZeneca & Barclays Demos in London

26-08-2008 18:29

Despite SOCPA 'laws'

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Pesticides cause mass death of bees

25-08-2008 15:40

The German Coalition against Bayer Dangers today brought a charge against Werner Wenning, chairman of the Bayer Board of Management, with the Public Prosecutor in Freiburg (south-western Germany). The group accuses Bayer of marketing dangerous pesticides and thereby accepting the mass death of bees all over the world.

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SPEAK Demo Reports

22-08-2008 12:12

Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th August

In a week that saw a conservative estimate of 115million put on the number of animals abused and killed each year worldwide in so-called scientific research, SPEAK campaign supporters met twice in Oxford to demonstrate their opposition to Oxford University's contribution to this shameful and disgusting statistic.

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Ken Livingstone - Thames Water scandal

22-08-2008 10:23

Ken Livingstone tried to do over water usage in London, he blamed ordinary people and lectured them that they should stop leaving the tap on while brushing or having a long shower meanwhile Thames was losing 915 million litres a day, the regulator, the idiots paid to tell us what they are doing and then do nothing said - enough to fill 366 Olympic-sized swimming pools. He did not do anything about Thames Water and what he did do is a scandal, in London, most of the Victorian pipes in central and East London were bone dry and the problems were with North London, which cannot be fixed with plastic pipes. Thames Water replaced perfectly good cast iron pipes with plastic pipes and they do not even know their shelf life, some people predict 30 years. So you take out something that is perfectly OK, why? apparently

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Sanction By The International AIDS Society To Brigada Callejera For Protest Duri

20-08-2008 00:52

Recently we have heard commentaries regarding possible sanctions to be received by our organization from the International AIDS Society (IAS), for having contested against Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, Mexico City’s Mayor, during the Closing Session of the XVII International AIDS Conference, held in this city from Aug. 3 to 8 of this year.

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US Military Shocking and Shooting Monkeys Pigs Goats Etc in Trauma Training

19-08-2008 22:39

In the 70's under Caspar Weinberger the US military
was shooting dogs to give surgical practice to surgeons

PETA picketed his home.. .and he switched the DOD
from dogs to goats

Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense, is in charge
of the current atrocity: shooting monkeys, pigs and goats in trauma training

Press Office DOD
Media contact: +1 (703) 697-5131

The Defense Dept is not interested in hearing from you or me.
They feel they are above the law.

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Oxford Lab - September Demo Dates

19-08-2008 20:34
The battle to stop the building of the Oxford animal labs continues. Now more than ever it’s vitally important that the pressure is increased. A crucial element of the campaign will be to get people out onto the streets of Oxford in order to inform the public of the terrible crimes taking place against sentient creatures inside Oxford University.

Your help is vital if we are to stop this torture centre from becoming a reality. Please support as many of these protests as possible.

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HLS, Gates of Hell Weekly Protest

19-08-2008 16:14

A car load of fantastic protestors who travelled for 7 - 8 hours today to protest at the site joined local protestors at the weekly demonstration. From noon to 5.30pm it was non stop chanting to the workers who scurried across the paths in front of us to avoid hearing the truth!

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3 days of SHAC demos in DC

19-08-2008 16:11

Over twenty people demoed in Washington DC this weekend at the homes and offices of HLS collaborators.

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Regular Novartis demos continue and grow in Horsham

19-08-2008 16:08

10 protesters attended the demonstration at Horsham last Friday lunchtime; only 2 more people and we'll have reached the maximum number allowed under Novartis' draconian injunction!

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Carnival Against Vivisection - Transport

18-08-2008 18:28

The carnival against Sequani labs is in just under 3 weeks. Looking for transport?