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Full article | 1 comment launched with first 3 shows available to watch online

18-09-2008 11:05

Inexcess, the programme that deals with all of the issues affecting people today. Tune in everynight at to see a mixture of guests and proffesionals talking about their lives and experiences.

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Barclays & Manchester Uni Demos

17-09-2008 22:33

On Monday morning, 17th September, activists hit the streets of Manchester to expose Barclays and their involvement with Huntingdon Life Sciences and the NYSE.

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GSK & anti-vivisection protests in Dresden, Germany

17-09-2008 22:30

On September, 13th and 14th , about 100 people were demonstrating deafeningly at Dresden, Germany against animal testing and fur. The cause was the annual conference of the "Gesellschaft für Versuchstierkunde" (GV-SOLAS, "Society of laboratory animal science"), a meeting of 700 vivisectionists and companies like Harlan, Charles River and Taconic.

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DC Activists Protest Against Abbott Labs

17-09-2008 22:27

On Tuesday 9 September, activists paid a nighttime visit to John
Richardson, Director of Abbott Labs. When John peeked through his
peephole, he was staring straight at a large banner depicting images of
what goes on behind closed doors at HLS and read 'Your Business profits from the Murder of 500 Animals per day!'

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SHAC Global Day of Action against NYSE Euronext

16-09-2008 23:11

SHAC Global Day of Action against NYSE Euronext and their shareholders
Monday 29th September 2008

"For every share traded, an animal dies insides HLS!"

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Notts Incinerator expansion - Your last chance to STOP IT

16-09-2008 19:44

The public inquiry into the appeal of Waste Recycling Groups planning application to expand the incinerator in Nottingham started on 9 September. This coming Friday 19 September will be the public's chance to state their position.

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Disabled activists take over DWP welfare reform meeting

15-09-2008 11:48

The Disabled People's Direct Action Network have gatecrashed a DWP meeting on disability and welfare reform to which no disabled people's organisations were invited, today (Monday 15th September 2008)

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McTrial Cambridge – POSTPONED

14-09-2008 20:02

Trial Postponed!

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Pulling in the crowds - vegan food fayre

14-09-2008 12:49

The vegan food fayre, held at Liverpool's social centre Next To Nowhere, drew the crowds last Saturday.

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Stop the Camden Animal Research Lab National Demo - Friday

10-09-2008 02:51

Friday 12th September 2008

Support this National Demo to support the animals in the biggest research laboratory in London.

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shirkers circus - playspace starting most tuesdays at sumac centre

09-09-2008 19:52

A regular play space for practice, sharing, teaching + learning circus skills(and related ting like magic, propmaking, etc);is starting on Tuesdays, at the Sumac Centre.
This is open for all but especially for those opting out of school or work. There are much better things to do and this is one of them.

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Free Food Student Style - 6th Oct

08-09-2008 23:40

Following a succession of 'free food giveaways' Nottingham Animal Rights and Vegan Campaigners will be hosting their next giveaway outside Nottingham Trent Uni's Student Union. Just as all the new students have arrived into Nottingham.

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September 20th: National Demo at Wickham Labs

08-09-2008 20:08

Thanks and well done to those who travelled on the bus to Ledbury in Herefordshire on Saturday for the inspiring demo at Sequani animal labs, let's make sure we keep up the momentum at Wickham...

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Waste, recycling and packaging

08-09-2008 15:21

over-packaged chocolate biscuits or a work of art
A throwaway, linear flow society is illustrative of flawed thinking and poor design. It is not sustainable.

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A McTrial – McDonalds Vs Activist

08-09-2008 00:02

Following the arrest of a protester in June at an action in Cambridge as part of the anniversary of the McLibel case (see ) the activist is in front of Cambridge Magistrates Court charged under Section 5 of The Public Order Act on 15th Sept – 10 a.m.

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Eastcroft Incinerator - Public Inquiry starts & more pollution breaches

07-09-2008 21:45

While the public inquiry starts on Tuesday 9th September, that will ultimately decide if Waste recycling Group can expand Nottingham's Incinerator, the company show utter contempt for the public health by commiting further pollution breaches.

Come along to the start of the inquiry and show your support.

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The Leaking German Nuke Waste Storage Scandal, no-one wants to touch.

05-09-2008 17:19

Even though the administrators of the German state knew there were serious problems in Asse II some years ago, it was not till this Summer that the topic reached public discussion at Government level. The former salt mine at Asse which is held up as a model for deep geological repository storage of radioactive material by many states including the UK has however been in public consumption all along. Coz it's leaking into the water table and then through cows into breakfasts all over Germany and the civilized milk consuming public. That gives a new twist to heavy water.

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Midlands Activists Protest At HLS Shareholder Barclays

05-09-2008 16:05

Tuesday 2nd Sept 2008, around 6 activists gathered outside of Barclays bank in Tamworth Town Centre to protest against them for investing in Huntingdon Life Sciences and about their involvement with the NYSE.

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Disabled man kicked out of his home

05-09-2008 15:38

landlord visits property with locksmith
Yesterday morning, bailiffs evicted from his home a disabled man with serious mental health problems.

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ARK Academies

04-09-2008 18:35

Articles and a video on youtube have been posted re concerns about ARK Academies; these are available here:
A serious worry is that moves have been made to remove this information from circulation, yet no intention of clearing their name in court. Greatly concerning. This is about children.