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Iraqi insurgents tripping

18-01-2006 21:27

Tripping on 'Agent Buzz'

-poisoned or 'out of it'

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(BAYER) Pesticide may reduce fertility, says study

17-01-2006 19:02

A new study finds that exposure to chlorpyrifos may play a role in male infertility. Chlorpyrifos is a broad-spectrum organophosphate insecticide produced by companies like Dow, Bayer and Cheminova. Chlorpyrifos is used widely in Europa, in the US residential use is restricted.

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Warning to SE Asian countries about Iran war and monsoon

17-01-2006 03:04

This is a deadly message to Southeastern Asian Countries about the upcoming IRAN War and the monsoon rains depositing deadly radiation in the environment. The message is from Leuren Moret, a world famous geoscientist and radiation expert and myself, Bob Nichols, newspaper correspondent and writer. I request that you send this to everyone in your address book and that you "Be the Media". Help us stop the Fifth US Nuclear War in 15 years from even starting.

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16-01-2006 16:30

The Demo

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Flyers and poster for the Critical Mass bikeride and afterparty on the 27th January

15-01-2006 12:34

Critical Mass Afterparty
Here are the flyers and poster for this months Critical Mass, on the 27th january, leaving from Derby Road (at Savoy Cinema) at 5.30pm and then to the Sumac Centre in Forest Fields for an after party.

Read the previous feature article on the Critical Mass:

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A response from the Environment Agency regarding Eastcroft Incinerator

15-01-2006 09:57

On hearing that the Environment Agency in Nottingham had decided to grant a licence for the third line at Eastcroft Incinerator I wrote asking the Agency to confirm that measures were in place to ensure that this would not pose a risk to air quality. Here’s their reply.

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11-01-2006 15:39

GUE/NGL is opposed to the cultivation of GMOs and strongly believes that coexistence of GM plants and conventional plants is not possible as they pose a potential threat to human, animal and plant health.

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No room at the inn for Cancer Patients

10-01-2006 17:41

Below is an article that was taken from Iraq Solidarity News (al-Thawra), website of the Iraq Solidarity Campaign

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Am I the only one in Manchester, with MS?

09-01-2006 20:32

The following letter has been sent to both John Leech MP and the South Manchester Labour Party

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US suspected of using Nepal soldiers as guinea pigs

09-01-2006 16:21

A fresh outcry has risen in the US and Nepal over what could be the American government's exploitation of Nepali soldiers as human guinea pigs to find a Hepatitis vaccine.

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Prophylactic action of linseed oil against cyclophosphamid damage

09-01-2006 15:20

Oral administration of linseed oil (0.1ml/kg b.w. /day) for 20 days prior to an acute dose of cyclophosphamide (75mg/kg) significantly prevented the cyclophosphamide- induced decline in the level of GSH, GSH-Px, alkaline phosphatase in mice blood. The increased activity of acid phosphatase and GSSG was significantly inhibited in linseed oil pre-treated group. Results indicate the prophylactic action of linseed oil against cyclophosphamide-induced oxidative stress.

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Earthquake delegation. Incredible survival story exposes media apathy.

06-01-2006 22:30

Naqshah Bib in hospital in Rawalpindi.
For 64 days Naqshah Bib lay in the ruins of her kitchen. The earthquake flattened her house and the rest of the refugee town of Kamsar. She survived by drinking stream water that had trickled through the ruins, scraps of rotten food were found around her. She was discovered barely alive by her cousins and pulled from the rubble. Before being found she was just another of the many missing people from the town.

The nurses caring for her at Rawalpindi hospital are unsure of her chances. Her body has wasted and she is unable to communicate, barely aware of her surroundings. We don’t stay long, wishing her well and leaving some flowers. Her father who also survived has lost both his legs.

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Earth Quake Delegation. Kamsar refugee camp.

06-01-2006 22:21

The refugee town of Kamsar. Every building destroyed.
In 1990 during the war with India thousands of Muslim refugees crossed the border into Pakistan. For years they were kept in squalid refugee camps by the Pakistan military and paraded in front of the world’s media as a propaganda tool against the Indian government. Eventually they settled in a part of the Neelam Valley in a place near Musafrabad that came to be known as Kamsar. Then as if their luck couldn’t get any worse Kamsar turned out to be situated on the epicenter of the earthquake.

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Earthquake delegation. The Cuban doctors of Bakot.

05-01-2006 12:28

The village of Bakot. Mostly tents.
One thing that really shows up the inept international response to the Kashmir disaster ,is the fact that much of the aid is being provided by some of the worlds poorest countrys. Bush and Blair constantly go on about how Pakistan is a vital partner in the so called 'War on Terror'. So where are they in their hour of need??

On many occasions we saw the flag of Cuba flying in the NGO camps of the earthquake zone. Didnt meet any Americans.....

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Earthquake delegation. The langurbura refugee camp.

05-01-2006 11:46

The Langurbura camp.
The Langurbura refugee camp is situated just outside the ruined city of Musafrabad. It is one of hundreds in the surrounding area.

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Earthquake delegation. How it happened.

05-01-2006 11:20

Earthquake survivor in Musafrabad
Sheffield has one of the highest populations of Kashmiri people in the country. Maxine Bowler explains how eight people from the town came to spend xmas in the earthquake zone.

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London Boat Show Protest British Marine Federation Invited to Learn

04-01-2006 07:16

British Marine Federation Approve Corporate Social Responsiblity?
Eviction and homelessness in all forms is never pleasant. When it’s caused only in the name of ‘corporate beauty’, it is wrong. Representing his wife and five daughters, one man will again picket the London Boat Show at Excel. 'Open Invitation' to the British Marine Federation is already made.

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Earthquake delegation. The ruins of Balakot.

03-01-2006 19:17

The town of Balakot.
Balakot is a small town based at the bottom of a large rural valley in North Eastern Pakistan. Its income was moderate - catering mostly as a stop off point for travellers and tourists heading into Kashmir. Many people comment on how it was previously one of the most beautiful towns in the area. One of our delegation studied here as a young man and had planned to spent his honeymoon here in the picturesque surroundings.

It now looks like it has been hit by an atom bomb.

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Earthquake delegation. A meeting with the JKLF.

03-01-2006 19:06

Mr Khan
Before heading into the area affected by the earthquake we meet with Amanullah Khan chairman of Jamal Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF). Most of the region we plan to visit is in Kashmir and local knowledge is essential. The JKLF are a peaceful organization dedicated to gaining independence for Kashmir from India, Pakistan and China all of whom occupy portions of the country. They want a secular independent state that facilitates all the religions and cultures that exist in Kashmir. They have a wide base of support despite being banned from standing in elections. They are not allowed to participate in any ballot due to their refusal to swear allegiance to Pakistan’s military government.

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Aspartame: Hazard to your health....

03-01-2006 10:38

Stop Poisons In The food chain..........