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General Patton & the mental Health crisis

27-06-2014 17:22

There is no Community Mental Health service

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Short Films: My Message to the Government #MyMsgToTheGov

24-06-2014 15:51

"Hands of Our NHS" People's Assembly National Demo Against Austerity 2014
5 short films were made at the People's Assembly National Demonstration in London (21.06.14). People attending were asked to contribute a one sentence message to the government. The messages were collated to produce 5 short films. The films highlight the impact of government cuts on a diverse range of issues affecting our community.

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4 Arsons against Bristol's cellular transmission infrastructure over 24 Hours

11-06-2014 12:54

Around Bristol between June 9th-10th, we left 7 mobile phone antennae in flames. Daily continuation of capitalist society is dependent on uninterrupted flows (of goods, people, data, and energy) and the communications grid is no exception. The limited uses most of us can make from these flows only mask the way they are mainly used to oversee and impose the dominant order, and increase its' reach and control. You need only look to how the values of connectivity, speed, and mobility that are embodied in a mobile phone (for example) facilitate a relentless consumer culture and the requirement to be available and flexible at all times: as much for the benefit of the boss and the advertiser as for your family or friends. This is fully consistent with the modern restructuring and decentralisation of the gigantic productive system which this society subjects us to. Hindering all this was our objective.

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Anarchism against alcoholism

03-06-2014 13:56

Against all form of slavery!!! For total liberation! For Anarchy!!!

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UG#683 - The Standardization of Mind & Body (DSM-5, Disabilities & Fruit Trees)

29-05-2014 15:07

Last time we looked at how mass communication technologies were shaped into the propaganda tool that big media is today. This time, a look at how the medical profession has responded to similar systemic pressures, gradually refining technologies and public expectations about physical and mental health so as to buttress the status quo. After Jess Martin's talk on 'disability' we hear Gary Greenberg on the DSM-5. We conclude with an alternative perspective from Tony Wright - that modern society, far from being a healthy norm from which any deviation is suspect, is itself a deeply dysfunctional result of millennia long changes in human brain biochemistry.

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Help Needed NOW!!

25-05-2014 09:59

Dairy Pus Race in Nottingham NOW...Veggies to the rescue NOW!!

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23-05-2014 07:27


Please Share and comment on the article the more evidence the better.

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1st International Self-organized Antifascist Martial Art Tournament of Salonika

21-05-2014 19:19

1st International Self-organized Antifascist Martial Art Tournament of Salonika

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Anarchism and Martial Arts

14-05-2014 13:37

Anarchism and Martial Arts

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Fukushima 3rd Anniversary meeting in Houses of Parliament. 10.3.2014.

13-05-2014 15:48

Here is a link to a 15 minute video of Rik from Kick Nuclear, London, speaking in parliament, committee room ten, with slides, followed by links to the other speakers, at the meeting held to Remember Fukushima, 3 years on. No To Nuclear Power!! No to the proposed new one near Bristol, Hinkley Point.

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Protective Shielding

02-05-2014 01:26

Most people do not realise that our bodies and minds are being subjected to toxic electronic smog and at times electro-magnetic attacks.

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March on Parliament, 21st June! Austerity is Theft!

15-04-2014 20:23

Following the immense anti-austerity protests in Paris and Madrid.....

No More Austerity! Austerity is Theft! National Demo!

Festival outside the BBC, then march on Parliament

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Iraq's Government Paedophile Plan for Children

10-04-2014 08:39

Children under nine years old could be legally married and wives forced to comply with sexual demands under newly tabled legislation described by critics as a setback for women's rights

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Calf Crate Crimes In Oregon

08-04-2014 16:25

A US concentration camp for calves in Oregon
calf confinement occurs around the world... but Oregon's concentration camp is from the lowest
level of hell

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Stick-up for the NHS! demo, 27 April

08-04-2014 09:21

Heads-up for the next Health Service demonstration - central London, 27 April 2014 (time and start-point to be confirmed)

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Nonces, Abusers, Rapists and rape-apologists in the Far-Right

02-04-2014 18:21

A pdf of Nonces, Abusers, Rapists and rape-apologists in the Far-Right

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Vegan And Vegetarian Champions Ask LeBron James To Join Them

01-04-2014 21:41

Roger Bannister British vegetarian 1st to run 4 minute mile
champion vegan and vegetarian athletes of the world ask LeBron James to cancel his fast food ad

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Billboard modifications subvert HMRC propaganda & Starbucks etc

26-03-2014 13:15

HM Revenue & Customs - Still not closing in on the undeclared income of Starbuck
Subvert HMRC billboards at every available opportunity!

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Blackmail3 Court Case Update

16-03-2014 13:06

Here's a brief update on the court case for one of the 'Blackmail3' defendents potentially due to come to a conclusion on Monday. More info and background at

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The US and Britain’s Paedophile Colony

13-03-2014 21:01

Less than a month before the 11th anniversary of the illegal US-led invasion of Iraq, the near destruction of much of the country, heritage, culture, secularism, education, health services and all State institutions, the country is poised to revert “two thousand years” say campaigners.