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The Business of World Hunger

30-11-2006 11:36

The Business of World Hunger

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THC4MS 3 face jail for helping Multiple Sclerosis sufferers

29-11-2006 12:10

Three medicinal cannabis activists have waited nearly two years to face trial for conspiring to supply cannabis chocolate to people with multiple sclerosis. They have been told they have no defence and yet refuse to accept they are guilty of anything other than helping seriously ill people by providing them with effective medicine for which there is still no legal alternative.

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NHS Blood Workers See Red

29-11-2006 09:20

Workers are considering a walkout to stop the government closing 14 regional blood centres around England.

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Rads Used to Kill Spy Same as are Legal in Cigarettes

29-11-2006 05:02

In order to properly read and hear the news on the topic of the Assassinated spy, it's helpful to know a little more about that Polonium 210. Officials, so concerned about our health, forgot to include this radiation source in their case against cigarettes. Perhaps they cared more for the economic health of the cig cartels, including ingredients suppliers and their insurers and investors.

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New NHS IT system putting patients in danger.

28-11-2006 22:39

New NHS IT system is not only an expensive waste of money, but it actually preventing NHS staff from accessing medical records!

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Cancerous computers cause concern

27-11-2006 23:48

Following the clearing in 2004 of IBM in a lawsuit alleging they knew about carcinogens found in their computer chip factories, a new scientific study has been brought out confirming that workers in computer facilities have a high risk of developing cancer.

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Private health centres fall flat

27-11-2006 23:46

Rob Ray interviews a leading health watchdog on the rollout of Independent Sector Treatment Centres, which have faced strong criticism as heralding the start of privatisation for the NHS.

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Welfare Reform Bill: Lobby of Parliament and Rally

24-11-2006 11:19

Please support this important event, this really is a brutal and nasty bill which will have a massive impact on disabled people.

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Public meeting on humane research

24-11-2006 00:20


Oxford Town Hall
Tuesday 28th November

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Tesco GM rice removed from the shelves landed Tesco Poland stores?

23-11-2006 16:26

According to Polish Chief Health Inspectorate GM rice of variety LL601 was
found in 6% (3 out of 48) of samples taken in the stores of three regions of
Poland: Pomerania, West Pomerania and Lower Silesia. The contaminated rice
came to Poland from US via France.

According to the spokeperson of Regional Health Inspectorate of Lower
Silesia- Elzbieta Peszko-Bilska rice of variety LL601 was found in the
supermarket chains Tesco and Auchan in this region. Polish authorities hasn't
found LL601 rice in Warsaw region although Greenpeace Poland testing done in
Germany of long rice showed three products contaminated: "Bosto"(Ebro
Puleva), "Britta" and "Halina".

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a medication called televisionol (a whimsical witticism)

22-11-2006 21:23

Based on the frustrating experiences of sharing my house with 3 television servants

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Anarchist Roberto Catrino Lopez in Prison Hospital

22-11-2006 14:47

On Wednesday 25th of October the anarchist prisoner Roberto Catrino Lopez started a hunger and thirst strike at the PI Lelystad (Dutch Prison), where he is kept, as a protest against his medical treatment.

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Childhood Obesity and Neuropeptides

22-11-2006 00:54

In the past 13 years there has been a 3-fold increase in childhood obesity.
This rather sharp increase has been explained away as the consumer's
fault - no exercise, supersizing - but those arguments seem weak in the
light of what has been discovered recently.

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Private New Labour housing associations cause tenant chaos

20-11-2006 19:51

Following flooding, intercom faulty, boiler faulty, inaccessible garden, roof guttering blocked
and cruetly from neighbours including windows being broken, post and utilities interfered with and persistant verbal abuse I have come to the conclusion that New Labour housing associations such as Ujima Housing Association are not working....

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PIPELINE public transport info

20-11-2006 00:26

links to public transport info for anyone wanting to go to the LNG pipeline squat/protest at trebanos/pontardawe.

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global warming: worse than we think

18-11-2006 23:09

The causes of Climate Change became a real debate today rather than just a slinging match between the vested interests in the 'green' and oil lobbies.

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No hope now for a decent mental health service in London

18-11-2006 11:53

With cuts in mental health services and difficulties in staffing due to the high cost of living in London I am sure that most mental health services are hoping that workers will strike bar those that are in hospital. In Haringey or Wandsworth they have yet to do so and as such have lost any respect from me.

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Assaulted man with leg injury questioned for calling ambulance

17-11-2006 21:25

Following being attacked outside ULU and suffering wounds to the head and a leg injury the ambulance driver questioned as to why I did not walk to the hospital.
At University Hospital comments were made such as 'this man should not be here.'
Because of the attitude of staff combined with a lack of staff I discharged myself nearly collapsing on the way home.

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Help! Manchester Citizens Advice bureau being shut down

17-11-2006 19:05

manchester central citizens advice bureau is being shut down for lack of funds. closed to the public as from last week and phone lines being stopped from end december.

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BNFL MOX Shipment - 22nd November 2006

17-11-2006 17:14

According to news sources, a shipment of MOX fuel will leave the Sellafield Nuclear Facility in the UK, for France. The shipment is due for arrival on Wednesday the 22nd of November.