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global warming: worse than we think

schmoo | 18.11.2006 23:09 | Climate Chaos | Health | World

The causes of Climate Change became a real debate today rather than just a slinging match between the vested interests in the 'green' and oil lobbies.

Piers Corbyn, a leading British weather expert, and brother of Jeremy Corbyn the left wing Labour MP, is no paid for oil lobbyist.

However, he has a excellent letter in today's Guardian titled "Basic physics supports solar activity as cause of global warming".

In a few short sentences Piers Corbyn throws a very large spanner in the works. His argument is simple and obvious; global warming is caused by the sun.

As the inventor of an extremely successful weather forecasting method based on his knowledge of the sun, Piers Corybyn has the right to be taken seriously.

At the very least environmentalists and all those concerned with climate change should consider what he has to say.

At the moment the environmental movement is based on a huge error in thinking - global warming cannot be stoped.

The truth is that global warming and it's effects will be far worse than we are being told. If we accept the truth, and start to prepare now for the inevitable, we can maybe save a lot of lives.

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19.11.2006 02:03


1. You are a blogger promoting your own blog by saying something controversial. This could be construed as trolling.

2. The argument on climate change is long over and your man lost. He may claim that the current and perfectly obvious climate change is caused by something other than the carbon we have poured into the atmosphere and he may just be right, but you are implying that we shouldn't worry about the increasing amounts of carbon, methane etc we are pouring into the atmosphere. That is an obvious fallacy. Even if the climate hasn't been heated, perhaps beyond rectification, by our silly and greedy over-consumption, no one can deny we should avoid adding to the over-heating.

3. Anyway, he is wrong. Don't take my word for it, it is the position that independent scientists have forced upon the moneyed establishment through rigorous and obvious proof in the face of one of the most sustained and dangerous corporate smear campaigns in the history of , well, of corporatism. And your bias shows - Jeremy Corbyn is a left-wing labour MP ???!!!- there are no left wing people left in labour and Corbyn is to the right of most of them. Any brother of his is an enemy of all of us.

Read it and weep !!



19.11.2006 12:09

google piers corbyn and crank and you get 150 hits, corbyn has variously been described as heretic, an unscientific crank, perhaps even a fraud by 'real' meteorologists

corbyn has yet to publish a peer reviewed paper explaining his claims on solar activity and the weather

whilst he may not have ties to the oil industry he certainly has a reason for stoking up this controversy and getting his companies name in the papers

"The London-based Corbyn earns the bulk of his income from a multi-million dollar business forecasting for such clients as Britain's Coca-Cola bottler, Yorkshire Electricity Group, and Monsanto, along with filmmakers who depend on his long-term forecasts to set shooting schedules. Corbyn's Weather Action company, founded in 1995, commands annual fees as high as $40,000 for continually updated forecasts and analyses of climate trends; for a couple of hundred dollars, Weather Action will fax you short-, middle-, and long-range forecasts tailored to your region."

perhaps a bit of research next time you troll imc might be in order, only offering one side of the story is pretty shoddy journalism

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