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Sainsburys as a focus for anti-GM campaign

15-03-2004 15:21

A couple of weeks ago there was a national day of action against sainsbury's (see Actions are ongoing and you are invited to get involved. The following article explains why sainsbury's is being targeted and suggests ideas for action.

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Campaign for Drug Company Openness and End to Racism within NHS

13-03-2004 18:02

Below is the suggested letter from Mind ( to send to your MP.

You can do this by post, email or

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Int. Women's Day / Health News from IPS

12-03-2004 15:13

International Women's Day News on Health from Inter Press Service

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Rogue Midwives: Birthing on the Sly

10-03-2004 22:01

Women helping other women deliver babies is as old as humanity. It makes sense. So why do mainstream doctors and hospitals act like midwifery is some radical, dangerous, medically-irresponsible quackery? In Scandanavia, the UK, and the Netherlands, female midwifery is a thriving occupation. Yet in America, it has been constructively outlawed as a profession, for 100 years.

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local food initiatives

10-03-2004 15:55

Local food web provides a search engine service for buying and selling locally produced food products by area, throughout the untire UK. you simply log on and search for your location and it gives you a list of local producers and suppliers.

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Drug War Film Festival

10-03-2004 12:08

911 and the BC Compassion Club Society present:
Friday, March 12 8pm
$6 / $4 (911 members)

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Photo Journal of trip through Chernobyl

06-03-2004 10:30

A Russian Motorcyclist travels through Chernobyl, this is her photojournal

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mental health excluded from financial services

03-03-2004 11:58

new evidence shows that peoople experiencing longer term mental health problems are having to lie to access financial services or walk away from them altogether because of discrimination

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Coca Cola selling tap water

03-03-2004 00:31

Coca Cola selling tap water that we have paid for in the first place!!>

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1 March 1954 - Operation Bravo and the Marshall Islands Human Guinea Pigs

01-03-2004 04:38

On March 1st, 1954 - 50 years ago - the USA did proceed to their
first H bomb test: Operation Bravo.

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LAST MINUTE: Places on Medic Training Available

28-02-2004 20:07

A few places are available on Far From Help Medic Training, arranged by Earth First!ers, to be held in Nottingham March 5-7...

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Stop Vivisection - New Campaign against Oxford University

26-02-2004 09:46


After our success against Cambridge University in stopping the proposed
plans for Europe's largest primate centre, the SPEAC (Stop Primate
Experiments at Cambridge) campaign has decided to open up a new front
in the
fight against vivisection.

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Promoting Cycling in Oxford

22-02-2004 20:28

Cyclox promotes Cycling in Oxford. The next Cyclox public meeting is on Wednesday 3rd March 2004 at 7.00 p.m. - East Oxford Community Centre (corner of Cowley Rd and Princes St).

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AIDs and Democracy

18-02-2004 23:29

AIDs is the biggest developing problem for the third world. After debt, its probably the key issue preventing their recovery. Yet our aid is woefully inadequate and apparantly, there is nothing we can do about it.

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All the children are dead!

16-02-2004 08:58

A new commercial airing in America claims that 25 million children have died of so called 'AIDS'. OK. But then WHO statistics indicate EVERY CHILD IN THE THIRD WORLD IS DEAD.

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Drug War Film Festival Fund Raiser

16-02-2004 00:52

911 and the BC Compassion Club Society present:
Friday, March 12 8pm
$6 / $4 (911 members)

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New website against fluoridation

15-02-2004 15:29

Your drinking water is about to be poisoned with toxic industrial waste. It is illegal, it is mass medication, it violates your freedom of choice, and it is known to cause serious adverse health effects. Only one thing can stop it - YOU!

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A nation of sickos

15-02-2004 13:37

Junk mail reveals a worrying statistic
Why are we so sick?

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campaign hots up to defend malmesbury Hospital

13-02-2004 14:14

Malmesbury Maternity Unit is threatened with closure by Kennet & North Wiltshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) along with the Devizes Maternity Unit despite big campaigns to defend these units in each town.
A petition of 10000 was presented to the PCT last year. Campaigners have asked for it back as they now wish to present it to Parliamant, but the PCT refuses to return it wotout explanation (probably becasue they just binned it - showing their real concern for local feeling)

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Nano particles from high DU Temp. cause of cancers and birth defects etc.

13-02-2004 06:05

Cancers among veterans and birth defects of their offspring and other "War" diseases are understood now as resulting from nanoparticles produced by high temperatures produced by DU use.