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Acadian Asset Sell Their HLS Shares

30-07-2008 19:38

Well over 1.5 million HLS (LSR) shares dumped in a month by three companies!

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Ciba Vision (Novartis) Protest, Southampton

30-07-2008 19:31

On Friday 25th July activists from across the south took full advantage of our six person allowance (Yes six!! aren't we lucky) at Ciba Vision, Novartis, Flanders Road, Hedge End, Nr. Southampton.

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Support Peaceful Campaigner Dan Amos

30-07-2008 19:10

Outside HLS
Dan Amos is a commited vegan shactivist who was arrested and bailed as part of NETCU's Operation Achilles, involving 32 separate police raids and 700 police officers in the UK, The Netherlands and Belgium on May 1st 2007.

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World Population Day, a day to celebrate humanity and not its curbing

30-07-2008 18:45

World Population Day tends to largely celebrate the success of demographic control and not human lives. Demographic studies should not limit itself to relating underdevelopment to an increase in population size. One must go beyond mere statistics an look at socio-political factors when analyzing poverty

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Pre Work Demo At AstraZeneca

30-07-2008 01:32

We were all up early for an 8am demonstration at AstraZeneca, one of HLS customers. Just by standing offering leaflets and holding banners we really had a big impact at this time of day, as everyone that works in this area passes through at that time. It's often surprising to people that protesters get up early to go and work as well!

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Wickham Labs National Demo

29-07-2008 17:45

Saturday 20th September 12noon
Meet at Mill Lane car park, Wickham, Hampshire
For details contact: Helen 023 92 588516

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H Partners Dumps HLS Shares

29-07-2008 12:27

The day after Raymond James decided that £7 million shares in HLS blood money were not for them, or their subsidary Eagle Assset, H Partners also made a quick escape from the campaign against HLS and sold all £11.2 million LSR shares.

The sale was confirmed this week by Win Animal Rights in the USA.

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Protests Continue Outside HLS Labs, Alconbury

29-07-2008 11:46

On Monday 28th July, we had our regular demo outside the gates of HLS. We changed the date of the protest from our usual Friday, so that activists from Liverpool could come and join us.

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SHAC Demos Continue Apace In London

29-07-2008 11:43

Another Friday, another day of SHAC demos in central London and another good turn-out. We started our series of demonstrations against Old Mutual, 2 Lambeth Hill, who currently have about 15,000 shares in HLS torture through their company Acadian Asset Management.

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Protests Continue At Novartis HQ In Horsham, Sussex

28-07-2008 10:04

On Friday 25/07/08 a small but very noisy protest was held outside the Horsham facility of Novartis who are not only content with paying HLS to Kill, Torture and Maim 500 animals every single day of the year but who also have their own torture centre on the premises that they use to carry out their so called essential tests on Primates and Guinea Pigs while all the time the people of Horsham think that the premises is used as a packaging and production facility.

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River City ADL Visits Dow Chemical

27-07-2008 00:32

On Monday, July 14th, River City (formally known as Evansville, Indiana) Animal Defense League folks traveled to an office of Dow Chemical in Indianapolis, Indiana to disrupt and demonstrate against them for their involvement with Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).

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HLS Customer & Supplier Demos in the South

25-07-2008 21:37

Today SHAC southern held a handful of loud and visual protests right across the South against customers and suppliers of the notorious HLS.

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MashCan Org: Canadian Doctors Exposed!!!

25-07-2008 18:14

The consuming public is very vulnerable to any value judgment made by a medical professional.

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Intersex Shadow Report: "End forced genital surgery now!"

25-07-2008 05:14

1st Court Rally, Cologne 12/12/07
A shadow report submitted by the German "Assiciation of Intersexed People" to UN-Committee CEDAW in New York and published on the internet highlights worldwide human rights violations against hermaphrodites by forced medical treatments -- and a growing "Zwitter"-movement making itself heard.

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AIDS: Genocide of neglect

24-07-2008 11:01

DAN JAKOPOVICH delves into the rich states' record on HIV/Aids.

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NYC Focus on Major HLS Investors

24-07-2008 09:33

Following Divestiture of Eagle Asset WAR Focuses on H Partners & Spark
OPERATION IX3: Institutional Investor Insanity Continues, Saturday, July 19. 2008

Demo #1: Usman Nabi - HLS Investor - H Partners

Demo #2: Peter Laventhol - HLS Investor - Spark LP

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Fresh and Wild : The "ethical" organic store is selling Nestle products.

23-07-2008 17:58

Fresh and Wild in Camden and Soho are selling Nestle products. Nestle are unethical and not the type of manufacturer whose products expect to find in Fresh and Wild etc.

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Bobby Roberts Circus Demos Tonight

23-07-2008 14:58

Anne is used as a photo-prop in the circus ring
There will be a demo against Bobby Roberts Circus on TONIGHT, 6.15pm at Cwmbran - Circus Field A4042 Croesyceiliog.

Bobby Robrts tour with Anne, a 55 year old elephant who suffers from arthritis.
Read her story here:

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HLS Supplier Staples Targeted in the Midwest

23-07-2008 14:43

On Monday, July 14th, activists left over ninety "Staples kills" fliers throughout the Staples store in Terre Haute, Indiana at 125 Davis Avenue. Soon after, on Tuesday, July 23rd, activists left over 120 "Staples kills" fliers throughout a Staples store in Chicago, Illinois at 711 West Jackson Boulevard.

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SHAC Morning Demo At AstraZeneca

23-07-2008 14:40

Before today it had been ages since the last earlybird demo in London. Even with only 3 people, arriving at 8:00am at AstraZeneca to greet all the workers as they arrived. We simply picketted the building, handing out leaflets and holding placards. The staff of AZ don't often get a chance to get a leaflet because the security staff shuffle them out the back door at leaving time if there is a demonstration in progress.