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Ciba Vision (Novartis) Protest, Southampton

SHAC Southampton | 30.07.2008 19:31 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Health | Repression | South Coast

On Friday 25th July activists from across the south took full advantage of our six person allowance (Yes six!! aren't we lucky) at Ciba Vision, Novartis, Flanders Road, Hedge End, Nr. Southampton.

The sun shone down on our placards and to our surprise, the aptly names Mr Grumpy the Burger van man was back to give us hassle over anything and everything, but this some how made up for the distinct lack of personnel from Novartis entering and leaving their building.

Our chants were louder than ever and our megaphone time was met with a great public response, with the public learning about their neighbours who deal with a laboratory who employ drunks, drug addicts and even sex offenders to work for them.

With summer in full swing, there has never been a better time to get out and name and shame our local animal abusers. We will be back to that tiny, dingy corner of the world time and time again until all ties with HLS/LSR are severed for good.

SHAC Southampton
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