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Helen Caldicott on Japan Nuke Disaster

24-03-2011 05:19

World-famous anti-nuke campaigner Dr. Helen Caldicott talks the Japanese nuclear disaster with Radio host Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock. Is it the death knell of the nuke power industry? How much of Japan will be uninhabitable? Plus implications for U.S., Canada, and France. 28 minute interview March 23rd, 6 MB.

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Sleep-in at Trafalgar Sq against proposed ban on rough sleeping

23-03-2011 13:26

Westminster have proposed a new byelaw to ban rough sleeping and the provision of free food in public spaces in the borough. A mass sleep-in is being organised to protest the ban, which is due to take place at 7pm at Trafalgar Square this Saturday, 26th March.

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Free Vegan Food Fair, Coventry, Sat 26 March

22-03-2011 14:01

All this in Coventry this coming Saturday:-

Mountains of free vegan food, dairy-free Easter Eggs, cupcakes, preserves, soaps, cosmetics, Mother's Day gifts, health food, ethical chocolate/sweets, cruelty-free cleaning products and so much more...!!

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Oxford's Big Society Hospital - Video & Photos

19-03-2011 17:51

Video The NHS reforms are going to be bloody!
Today campaigners staged a 'big society hospital' in Cornmarket. Patients were operated on by volunteer doctors recruited from shoppers in central Oxford in a satire of the government's 'big society' plans that imagine volunteers can take on the roles of skilled public sector workers.

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A feast of anti-cuts actions in Oxford

18-03-2011 16:02

Anti-cuts campaigners are ramping up the pressure to fight cuts in our public services. Here's a selection of protests and meetings that you can get involved in.

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Desperate efforts to prevent full meltdown at Fukushima

18-03-2011 10:30

Japanese authorities yesterday stepped up their increasingly desperate efforts to prevent a catastrophic meltdown of spent fuel rods and reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

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Fukushima fuels wave of protests against UK’s 'nuclear renaissance'

17-03-2011 17:45

17 March 2011

As the tragedy at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in north-east Japan continues to unfold, campaign group Kick Nuclear is joining anti-nuclear activists from around the UK to plan a series of demonstrations and direct action events.

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POVERTY: Sound The Alarm!

17-03-2011 17:37

The worrying consequences of cuts on Britain's most vulnerable

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A Japanese Chernobyl -summary of news

17-03-2011 16:08

This is a translation of an article distributed by the independent media association, Silence It's to help give a clearer understanding of the nuclear disaster that is at present unfolding in Japan.

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Work Weekend at Rossport Solidarity Camp

16-03-2011 21:18

First bender up!
Come and help build the new camp this weekend!

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Marked for Murder at the University Health Network (Toronto)

16-03-2011 13:48

Medical judgment (however it is expressed) is the highest form of visible authority in Canada. It is also the greatest tool of intentional death as it plays itself out among medical providers who are trained to react rather than think.

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Safety of nuclear power and death of the nuclear renaissance

15-03-2011 21:50

A hydrogen explosion destroys the reactor building of the Fukushima #3 reactor,
Yesterday I believe will go down in history as one of the most significant for mankind. Whilst most citizens of the developed and developing world’s do not realise this yet, the future course of the human global energy system has just changed course with potentially far reaching consequences for human civilisation.

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17th March, Kings gate Protest - Newcastle

11-03-2011 17:01

This week, the Courier released a shocking expenses scandal which was made by the Newcastle Universities Management and Vice Councillors claims.

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How Can We Stop The Privitisation Of The NHS? - Lewisham Meeting

08-03-2011 15:54

Meeting, this Thursday 10th March, 7.30pm.
Saville Centre, 436 Lewisham High Street, SE13 6LJ
Buses - 47, 54, 75, 136, 185, 199, 208 or Lewisham DLR/Overground

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Free Vegan Food Fair in Coventry, Sat 26 March

02-03-2011 14:47

Please contact us for leaflets to distribute
Sample a wide range of delicious, healthy, cruelty-free and eco-friendly food, and it's all FREE!! Whether you're already seeking to change your diet or just curious to learn why so many people are switching to plant based diets, this is the event for you!! Also free recipes, cruelty-free product stalls and a vegan cafe. All this and FREE can't go wrong!!

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Support Iraqi orphans

24-02-2011 09:46

Hussein Al-alak is a journalist, campaigner and chairman of Iraq Solidarity UK.

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New Campaign to Save Care Homes!

23-02-2011 12:34

Save My Home 2011 is a group fighting to keep the Birch Avenue and Woodland View care homes open. The homes provide specialist care for those suffering from Alzheimer's, Dementia, and related conditions. We need you to get involved!

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Please Tell Smithfield No More Pig Gestation Crates

22-02-2011 22:47

While the world's biggest pigkiller, Smithfield Foods of Virginia, has gestation
crates for pigs which have been outlawed in the EU, its crates continue
in the US and 3 states in Mexico.

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why are the skies full of lines?

17-02-2011 19:52

Grids and lines of chemicals regularly fill the sky above us and mix into a big haze blocking out the sun and making it cold and dull. Does it go above your head?

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nuclear renaissance demo

17-02-2011 19:29

Demonstrators attended the nuclear renaissance event to remind business men what they are really getting into.