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Partial victory for Maternity campaigners??

29-04-2004 08:39

Protests win extension of consultation period for Malmesbury and Devizes Maternity Units.
(extension may be 2, 4 or 6 weeks - to be decided)

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Electric Cars are available in the UK

23-04-2004 15:17

Pictures of Electric Vehicles
Getting off the sauce

I was listening to a song called “self-evident” by female singer/songwriter Ani Difranco the other day. It was about the tragic events of September 11th 2001 and some issues related to that day. The song covered a wide range of issues, and focused particularly on levels of violence in the world today, and also the damage that we are doing to the environment. There was one particular line that stuck in my head … “we must vow… to get off… of this sauce”. The sauce she was talking about being the sauce that most of us pump into our cars on a weekly basis.

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last chance to protest against closure of maternity hospitals

23-04-2004 07:50

Lobby of Board Meeting, Tuesday 27th April, 9.30 am, Southgate House, Pan's Lane, Devizes

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GlaxoSmithKline embroiled in scandal

12-04-2004 01:22

GlaxoSmithKline embroiled in scandal in which babies and children were allegedly used as 'laboratory animals'

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1500 hospital patients evicted for WEF?

02-04-2004 12:01

A PAP report claims that 1500 ill people in Warsaw hospitals will be evicted for the WEF summit. The true purpose is unclear, but officially is for WEF participants and protestors (maybe healthy, maybe as victims of violence). [en]

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Activist´s Struggle against Disability Discrimination

02-04-2004 09:05

One in seven of the UK's workforce are affected by disability. The current law and how it is applied is mostly employer - friendly. If you are disabled and want to work, you have to keep your mouth shut for fear of a life in poverty.

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Dental Extraction Road Rage to Tooth Rage.

01-04-2004 12:27

Arts offensive

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Tesco and Wal-Mart linked to the sale of whale meat in Japan

31-03-2004 20:27

Dall's Porpoise Kill in Japan
Two major retailers, Tesco (UK No 1 retailer) and Wal-Mart (world’s No.1 retailer) own substantial shares of Japanese supermarket chains, which are selling whale, dolphin and porpoise products. We need your help to persuade these companies to stop the sale of cetacean products in their subsidiary stores.

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Children with ME 'wrongly taken into care'

31-03-2004 10:55

Those who have been interested in the Roy Meadows - Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy row should also be interested in the following article in todays Scotsman.

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Campaign continues to save Malmesbury and Devizes maternity units

28-03-2004 22:03

Update on the campaign to defend Malmesbury and Devizes Maternity Units

The local health authority has announced plans to close both units. They are consulting with the public on this proposal until the 26th April.

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HIV Positive Boxing Champ Gets Feature Film Based On His Life and Career

28-03-2004 17:02

Heavyweight Champion of the World Tommy Morrison
"Great White Hope" boxing champ Tommy Morrison's career came to a halt after testing HIV-positive in 1996. Now he's back "Rocky" style.

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Parklife Newsflash-Direct Action Taking Place Thursday 25th March 2004

25-03-2004 13:30

A team of Parklife climbers this morning began a tree
occupation at the site of the proposed F5 road scheme,
planned for the A1159 Priory Crescent north, Southend
on Sea, Essex.

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Nursing shortages cause deaths

22-03-2004 10:15

Inspite of claims of improving standards.A nhs boss reveals the truth?

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San Fran Action Shuts Down Bechtel Headquarters on Anniversary of Iraq Invasion

19-03-2004 23:25

Global Mobilization Against US Occupation and "Corporate Invasion" of Iraq

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Colin Blakemore - vivisector - speaking at Dana Centre

19-03-2004 00:39

Colin Blakemore is most famous for a set of experiments where he sowed up the eyes of kittens. Protest at his appearence tonight (Fri March 19th)

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ACT TODAY! We need your help to REACH for a toxics-free future!

18-03-2004 15:55

Please tell your MEPs that you want hazardous chemicals to be substituted and
replaced with safer alternatives and that you want a right to know what
chemicals are in products you buy.

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The UK Budget

17-03-2004 20:22

The art of the political con.The soft sell of austerity by your friendly labour party.Buy it quickly from your media.

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Cunning non GM plot plot

17-03-2004 14:37

Here's a cool idea that could certainly catch the public imagination and involvement into the anti-GM campaign. If there was a big take up all over the country (which might require more work than the one person mentioned below can do by himself) then it could have the effect of forcing the government into a further bad PR situation and also force the locations of GM fodder maize sites to be disclosed to anyone that fancies a bit of weeding..

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GM Danger to humans

16-03-2004 22:11

Interesting reference article from the Evening Standard because it has direct evidence of harm to humans from GM crops. (Though I don't think this is the first instance as the article claims.)

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Blood donors told not to give blood.

16-03-2004 09:46

Blood donors told they can no longer give blood.