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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Victoria Slumlord Kimpton slammed in media (New Palestine/The Hood/Fernwood)

14-11-2003 16:16

Missing beams, leaking sewer gas, no fire escapes, missing smoke alarms, debris falling from ceiling. Tenants make the landlords rich while
they risk their lives.

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'OBFUSCATION, PREVARICATION - AND LIES' (letter to MP - M.E./Gulf War Syndrome)

14-11-2003 04:05

Victims of chemical/radiological poisoning are referred to the psychiatrist because the National Poisons Unit has stated "pollution does not exist"

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What is the MEATrix Neo?

12-11-2003 03:41

what is the MEATrix? babe, dolly?
this is a webs link to a excellent flash movie animation about
Factory Farming method's cruelty and health risks.

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Greenpeace activists urge Sainsbury shoppers to take back GM milk

08-11-2003 17:30

Greenpeace stand outside Sainsbury
On Saturday afternoon activists informed consumers in Cambridge that Sainsbury's dairy products contain milk from cows that have been fed with genetically modified crops.

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Anti Mcdonalds action 13/11/03

07-11-2003 13:55

Weekly demo's outside Mcd's in Leicester Sq

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Support of Smoking Bans is Support of Cigarette Cartel!

03-11-2003 23:06

Many of those who are enjoying the "Smoking Bans" may not realize that they are being tricked into simultaneously supporting the CIG Industry, the supposed enemy. Big Cig is not just about tobacco plants but also: Big Oil, pesticides, pharms, chlorine, ag biz, radiation (!), waste materials, insurance industry, and corporate corruption of government on a broad scale.

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Clear evidence of considered deception

02-11-2003 23:29

The ultimate evidence of a deliberate CDC attempt to disguise the fact there is NO teenage 'AIDS' in America.
Also read the sshocking facts of "Grannies Gone Wild".

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Radical Body Politics for Women

01-11-2003 17:21

Women's Body Esteem is big business. Billions of dollars are spent on the "weight loss industry" yearly. That industry is solely dependent on women's self-hatred. Women are reduced to size, told to be less, told to shed big chunks of themselves for acceptance. Rob the beauty industry of your body hatred dollars!

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DAN Calls Time on Charities

26-10-2003 02:19

Who represents disabled people?

DAN calls time on charities

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Globilisation - A Perverse Manipulation of the Mind

26-10-2003 01:55

The Answer The Global Community Have Been Waiting For .... Read on (It is a perverse manipulation of the Mind)

The BPO Specialists (Accountants) Have changed the Dynamic in the Workplace & Community!

A Proactive Call for ACTION

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Rat brain damage after one cell phone call

24-10-2003 18:13

Cell phones may be the modern day equivalent of Rome's lead goblets, which damaged the brains of their users.

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22-10-2003 16:06

Video Our World is not for Sale
The first store opened in Dublin 9/10 Grafton Street on 9th May 1977. The first McDonald's drive-thru restaurant in Europe opened January 1985 at the Nutgrove Shopping Center in Rathfarnham and in May 1996 the most westerly McDonald's restaurant in Europe opened in Tralee County Kerry.
Of the restaurants currently open in Ireland, 50% are owned and operated by franchisees.

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Video - Food Co-ops are the way to go!

22-10-2003 12:43

Co-ops are important as they empower workers to take control of there daily lives and provide services for there larger communities.

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Mad Pride at the anarchist bookfair

21-10-2003 20:31

Mad Pride will be sharing the usual stall at the anarchist bookfair, this Saturday October 25th, with Spare Change Books.

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No Insurance for GM.

20-10-2003 17:31

Article from the Daily Mail's Genetic Food watch campaign. Not sure exactly which date it was published - sometime between the 6th and 10 October.

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McDonalds Empire collapses - Manchester evidence

18-10-2003 00:28

NotDonald's Street Cafe opened outside a branch of everybodies least favourite 'food' outlet on Oxford Road, Manchester today.