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Clear evidence of considered deception

Paul King | 02.11.2003 23:29 | Health | Repression

The ultimate evidence of a deliberate CDC attempt to disguise the fact there is NO teenage 'AIDS' in America.
Also read the sshocking facts of "Grannies Gone Wild".




People over 65 are almost three times MORE likely to get
'AIDS' than teenagers (11,552 compared to 4,428 on 2001) the CDC statistics for 2001 show: -

For a sexually transmitted disease is this not just a little strange? Those seniors must be really getting it on!

People over 60 are six times more likely to get "AIDS' than teenagers.

People between 35 and 44 are nearly 82 times more likely to get 'AIDS' then teenagers. So much for 'sowing your wild oats' when you are young.

None of these figures fit the behaviour of an std in any way whatsoever.


Less Active Older Men and Women

More than half (52%) of all respondents said they engaged in sexual activity less than once a month. But 54% of these men and 26% of the women said they would like to have sex more often.

Part of the explanation for less sexual activity in older years is a lack of partners. Only 19% of widows and widowers are sexually active, compared to 59% of married men and women. Older men are more likely than older women to be married and have sex partners. The NCOA study also found that 73% of men but only 56% of women in their 60s had a sex partner within the past 12 months. This drops to 50% of men and 26% of women in their 70s and 80s.

Lack of partners, however, is not the only reason for not having sex. One out of three (34%) married seniors said they did not have sex within the past 12 months.


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