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Can YOU Scupper this Unjust Deportation in Just Three Clicks ?

06-02-2008 10:33

Now the inquest has decided his wife was killed unlawfully by the NHS hospital which employed her, Arnel Cabrera is to be deported. Naughty man, he's foreign and was only allowed to live and work in England because his wife, the one the NHS killed, was a theatre nurse. You can protest -- right now -- without leaving your comfortable chair. Unless of course you know different.

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Act Against Iraq Poverty (Updated)

05-02-2008 12:16

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign has repeatedly warned both Iraqi and Western governments about the growth of poverty in Iraq

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Seedy Sunday Brighton 2008

04-02-2008 16:04

French beans var Orca
Seedy Sunday Brighton 2008 was held at Hove Town Hall Sunday 3 February 2008.

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Press Release: Act Against Iraq Poverty

02-02-2008 12:30

The United Nations praised the ration system as being “the world’s largest and most effective relief effort”

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US Patents for HIV AIDS and Patent for CURE

02-02-2008 10:08

Here it is the proof... along with this there is thirty years of documentation of the developement and distribution of AIDS as will as who worked on the project..just google the patents...

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Why is Southwark Council promoting Scientology?

31-01-2008 15:52

Visiting, the concerned friend or relative can find advice centres on all manner of problems, from ageism and racism to alcohol and drug addiction. For the last, Southwark Council recommends Narconon, a drug rehabilitation program promoted by the Church of Scientology. Why is Southwark Council handing over vulnerable people to a sinister international cult?

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IWW and Friends Prepare to Take on Useless Blood Service Bosses

31-01-2008 13:52

Wobblies and friends on NBS picket line
The IWW (Industrial Workers of the World), the UK’s only revolutionary, rank-and-file, autonomous union, is getting ready to wreak havoc on National Blood Service (NBS) bosses if they don’t scrap cuts plans.

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Midsummer House – Diseased Meat, Taking Public Land and Animal Cruelty

29-01-2008 20:15

At the last Midsummer House demo protesters were told about another reason some people dislike the ‘diseased liver restaurant’… they are taking over our common!

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Feminist Fightback protest against Abortion Lies, London 25 Jan, 2008

28-01-2008 17:35

Washing line and banner outside the CMF office
A small group of demonstrators from Feminist Fightback demonstrated outside the offices of The Christian Medical Fellowship in Marshalsea Street, Southwark on Friday 25 January 2008. All pictures copyright (C) Peter Marshall

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Humanitarian Assistance in Iraq

28-01-2008 15:27

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign would like to congratulate the efforts of The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI), whose Baiji Branch has been providing substantial humanitarian and fuel assistance to the needy and displaced, including 600 families living in the area.

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Liverpool Blood Service 'At Threat' From Own Workers!

26-01-2008 17:33

'City Blood Service Is At Threat', screams today's grammatically suspect Liverpool Echo headline. But just who is threatening the service? Apparently it's people who work there!

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Billboards Subverted + Vehicles Trashed at Oxford Uni Supplier

26-01-2008 15:23

New Heart Attack Combo!
January 24, 2008 - Canada

January 25, 2008 - UK

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Press Release: Greater Manchester NHS Must "Break The Spine"

24-01-2008 00:14

Manchester NO2ID Logo
With yet more patient records going missing, local campaign group Manchester NO2ID is calling upon the NHS in Greater Manchester to abandon plans for more centralisation and computerisation of intimate medical details on the "NHS Spine" database.

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Sending congratulations to Gaza

23-01-2008 21:19

Congratulations to the Gazans for a powerful non-violent direct action opening the Rafah border with Egypt this morning, and allowing 30,000 people to nip to the shops and buy some food, petrol and medicines.

Rafah is a divided town - the Palestinians on the Gazan side of the wall are desperate for food, fuel and medicines due to the increasingly severe seige imposed by Israel. This morning Gazans finally broke the siege and broke through to the Egyptian side of Rafah to buy supplies. No-one yet knows how long the border will remain open.

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Palestinian Demo Wales

22-01-2008 22:30

A doctor speaks out about the problems Israel’s ongoing siege of the Gaza Strip is coursing the health system there.

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Midsummer House - A Rainy Day at the Diseased Liver Restaurant

21-01-2008 21:54

A rainy day demo at Midsummer House against its sale of diseased liver. Diseased meat, yummy?

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Bristol vegan fayre '08!

19-01-2008 13:48

The dates have been confirmed for the World’s largest Vegan Event! Sat May 31st and Sunday June 1st are booked for this massive vegan extravaganza in the heart of Bristol by the waterside in the Amphitheatre!

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Lydd airport-planning dec deferred.

15-01-2008 13:14

Lydd Airport on remote Romney Marsh, Kent' s expansion plans were further delayed when the CEO of Shepway District Council deferred the planning applications full council meeting (due Jan 30) to a later date....
Demo's planned for the 30th are now on hold.

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Blood Service workers fighting back

14-01-2008 14:01

January 7th saw the return of MPs to Parliament. It also saw the IWW co-ordinate an international phone blockade. Wobblies chose to celebrate the occasion by sending a message to the Health Minister - Alan Johnson - that cuts to the National Blood Service are not acceptable. Phones were tied up all day as campaigners and supporters from as far afield as Poland, Canada, and the United States, as well as hundreds from around the UK, took part. The IWW in the UK has an active and growing job branch in a National Blood Service processing centre.

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