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Midsummer House – Diseased Meat, Taking Public Land and Animal Cruelty

Midsummer House Campaign | 29.01.2008 20:15 | Animal Liberation | Free Spaces | Health | Cambridge | World

At the last Midsummer House demo protesters were told about another reason some people dislike the ‘diseased liver restaurant’… they are taking over our common!

Protesters have been campaigning against Midsummer House for some time now due to its sale of Foie Gras, a so-called delicacy produced by force-feeding a duck or goose until their livers swell painfully and become diseased. The process is even illegal under UK law so Foie Gras is imported.

At last weeks demo (on the 26/01/08) campaigners were told by a passer-by about Midsummer House’s take over of the public land outside their business. The area has been sectioned off with supposedly decorative painted stones and the grass has been mowed shorter than the rest of the common, presumably by Midsummer House. The campaigners hope to add the issue of reclaiming the public right to use the land to their campaign against the business and the campaign web site has been updated to include relevant information.

The campaigners received lots of support from members of the public who stopped by to sign the petition and many leaflets were handed out. One person who came up to talk with campaigners told them she had been to Midsummer House before and described it as “A place with no atmosphere combined with too many hovering waiters and overly rich food with odd flavour combinations.”

The campaigners hope people who have an issue with the sale of diseased meat, the infringement on the common and the cruelty behind Foie Gras production will join them every Saturday (unless the campaign web site states otherwise) at 12 noon till about 3pm – Midsummer House, Midsummer Common, Cambridge. Even if it’s just for half an hour, every little helps!

Please visit the campaign site, add it to your bookmarks and link to it from your web sites, blogs, etc. using the word ‘Midsummer House’.

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