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Ten Days in Manchester - Demos, Conferences, Occupations

10-02-2013 17:05

Some stories from what's gone in Manchester and what's coming up over the coming month.

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Iraq Ten Years On: What You Don’t Hear!

10-02-2013 11:22

As 2013 marks the tenth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, I feel there are some points of focus which the media and campaigners need to address, if they wish to provide substance, to any area of serious discussion.

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what in the world are they spraying?

07-02-2013 15:22

Don't you think its time we started asking questions about the state of our skies?

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Ban of "psychotronic" weapons is now up to Russia and China

06-02-2013 13:42

After the article demanding the ban of "psychotronic" weapons was referenced on information websites of the United Nations, European Parliament and U.S. government Environment Protection Agency, it is now apparently mainly up to the governments of Russia and China, to decide whether the remote manipulation of human brains will be banned on this planet.

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Sheffield Vegan Approach

03-02-2013 13:15

Want to save animals, improve your health and protect the planet?
Why not go vegan for a month?

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Protest Today! Lewisham A and E closure announcement.

31-01-2013 13:06

Hunt has announced that Lewisham A and E will be closed. Protest today at 5.30 pm outside Lewisham hospital

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Vale of Evesham Vegan Fair, Sat 23 March

29-01-2013 16:25

Please contact us for leaflets/posters to distribute/display
Vale of Evesham's first ever Vegan Fair!
Featuring lots of FREE food samples, 20 stalls, cookery demos, talks, vegan cafe and lots more...!
FREE admission - All welcome!

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How Far in the Future is the Ban of Psychotronic Weapons

29-01-2013 13:11

Psychotronic weapons are a definitive threat to democracy. They are in the arsenals of NATO and many other states. Though there are no legislatures around the world prohibiting the governments the use of those weapons against their citizens.

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Tips for the seriously mentally distressed in dealing with ATOS

20-01-2013 23:30

"Good satire comes from anger. It comes from a sense of injustice, that there are wrongs in the world that need to be fixed."

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UG#608 - Flight From Meaning 3 (Science, Chimpanzees and The Monongahela)

12-01-2013 12:12

I start my third year with an unusually open ended love-it-or-hate-it next episode in the 'Flight From Meaning' series, centered on an essay by philosopher Steve Talbott on how biologists contrive to study life itself as if it were merely a lifeless mechanism. We also hear from Jane Goodall about chimpanzee society and read some of Underground History of American Education on John Taylor Gatto's boyhood.

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UG#609 - Flight From Meaning 4 (Crazy Like Us,Instructed Organism,Peace Pilgrim)

12-01-2013 12:07

Three contrasting pieces for you which all hint at the inadequacy of limiting self as the skin-encapsulated ego. Firstly, Ethan Watters on socially defined aspects of madness, including how Glaxo Smith Kline aggressively globalized Western ideas of depression in Japan. Next, I summarize Steve Talbott's essay on problems of the 'man as machine' metaphor. Finally, an hour on Peace Pilgrim, whose 'retirement project' was to walk across USA for over 25 years without using money or asking for food or shelter.

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Britain's military adventures have cost us all so much

11-01-2013 10:49

This article was first published on Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)

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Why Ban MSG

04-01-2013 15:41

Monosodium glutamate is a poison. While it used
to be called the cause of Chinese headache syndrome... it is unfair to Chinese restaurants not using MSG to link MSG only to certain Chinese
restaurants and not to thousands of corporate foods.

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Iraqi Children in Need

03-01-2013 11:08

Reflect on effects of Iraq war on children

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Communities won't take the closure of nurseries and childrens centres.

25-12-2012 19:00

Around 100 parents and children under 5 arrived from Tinsley Green children's centre. Another 50 joined the protest from Darnall Community Nursery.

In total at least 250 protested outside Sheffield Town Hall against the Labour council's planned slashing of Sure Start children's centres and nurseries.

The council is aiming to cut £3.5m from these centres. Currently there are 36 centres, all Ofsted registered and providing childcare, health, education and family support. All would be downgraded.

Instead the aim is to have 17 children's centre 'areas', with each area having only one nursery. The council calls its proposals a 'redesign' and incredibly has claimed that the service will improve, reaching more children.

Yet, at the same time, it blames the government for forcing the cuts on it - thereby implying that the service will suffer.

19 of the 36 centres have been earmarked for closure. Five of the seven centres that received an 'outstanding' grade from Ofsted last year are amongst those under threat.

Many nursery workers and parents have been told that their centres will be closed by March 2013 at the latest.

Yet the council is saying that there will be no closures. What it means is that it will use all the sites for something - it's just that 19 of them won't have childcare services!

sharon milson

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Iraq’s leadership has failed

23-12-2012 00:57

There is an urgent need in Iraq to discuss the direction in which the country is moving.

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HIV-Negative AIDS: CFS, ME, or AIDS?

14-12-2012 05:13

Allied NATO Government is hiding millions of NON HIV AIDS cases (like mine) under the "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)" ICD-code.

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Anti-Austerity Protest, Manchester Report and Pics

09-12-2012 00:02

Over 350 demonstrators marched through Manchester city centre today,
Sat 8th Dec, in opposition to the continuing Government Austerity measures.

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Cameron heckled at Xmas lights ceremony

01-12-2012 09:31

Prime Minister David Cameron was heckled on Friday evening at a Christmas lights ceremony in Witney by several people angry at the impact of welfare reforms and cuts. The protesters read the names and details of people who had died as a result of these policies, and held placards accusing Cameron of having "blood on his hands".