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Britain's military adventures have cost us all so much

Hussein Al-alak | 11.01.2013 10:49 | Health | Iraq | Public sector cuts | World

This article was first published on Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)

Among all the Governments talk of making cuts to benefits, the wider welfare state and to the public sector, one thing which has left me constantly baffled, is the failure of MP’s to address the financial and human costs of Britain’s Military adventures.

In just one decade alone, the UK has been committed to two long term occupations in both Iraq and Afghanistan, while also providing a massive amount of financial support, to rebel uprisings in both Libya and Syria.

What has also been of interest, is opinion polls have consistently demonstrated, the British publics’ opposition to military intervention in each of these countries but yet for over ten years, the message still hasn’t rung home in the mother of all parliaments.

While economists blame the global economic down turn for the loss of jobs, and politicians blame the unemployed, disabled and the elderly for the cuts taking place, I can’t help but think how many hospital wards, jobs and lives we have now lost, as a result of Britain’s Middle Eastern obsession.

Hussein Al-alak
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