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Export banned of Nepalese monkeys for vivisection

Gateway To Hell Campaign | 29.08.2008 18:47 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | Health | World

GREAT NEWS; EXPORT HALTED: Round one is ours, now it's up to all of us to win this campaign and liberate the captured monkeys in the breeding facility in Nepal.

ROUND 2: Operation Knock Out

We are delighted to be able to inform you that, as of the 25th of August, Nepal has declared a ban on the export of monkeys to vivisection laboratories, however the campaign is not yet over. Whilst the monkeys are now safe from export, there are still American funded research facilities in Nepal and the monkeys intended for export to the USA are still caged in the breeding facilities.

Click here for the statement of the Nepalese government:

We have now launched Operation Knockout, round 2 of the campaign, to demand the immediate release and rehabilitation of the monkeys and an end to all biomedical research on primates in Nepal.

Round 2 is going to be an exciting one as we are planning demonstrations around Europe at Tourist expo's to inform potential visitors of Nepal about the cruel monkeyfarms.

Click here for our Touris Expo action tour, 10th-13th is in London:

We will continue the campaign by protesting at Nepalese embassies and engaging in action alerts to help ensure the safe release of the monkeys and an end to primate experimentation in Nepal. Please contact the campaign for details of your local embassy or consulate, and to receive all the necessary campaign materials. Your continued support is vital for the lives of the monkeys. The sick need of American vivisectors for monkeys most be halted in Nepal. Together we will close down the farms and liberate the monkeys.

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