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US' Cargill 36 MILLION Lbs. of Diseased Turkey Flesh...Criminal Neglect by USG

Pass It On. | 05.08.2011 04:19 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | Health | South Coast | World

Why did the CDC, FDA, USDA wait several weeks before taking action as people
in 27 US states died or were sickened?
the trillions of dollars of Cargill clout

Cargill Recalls 36 MILLION Pounds of Diseased Turkey Flesh.. Criminal Neglect By CDC, USDA, and FDA
as people in at least 27 states died or were sickened.

Even now, the numbers are being manipulated downward.

This delay caused by the
huge clout of the slaughterhouse company

The millions of innocent birds suffered and died without
even satisfying human gullets.

The uric acid or trioxypurine in animal flesh is more
addictive than dioxypurine or caffein.

With news recently that several universities are sending dead lab animals
to pet food rendering plants, the public as well as the negligent
government should monitor what happens to the recalled turkeys' cadavers.

Because animal flesh is cadaver pieces, it is continully a source of ecoli (colon bacteria),
salmonella, toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, etc.

Owen Parrett MD in Diseases of Food Animals listed some of the thousands
of diseases which could be trensmitted to humans by the eating of animals.

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