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G8 Heiligendamm- rostock: health update. anybody who had a tick out there... | 23.08.2007 11:02 | G8 Germany 2007 | Globalisation | Health

it turned out that some anti-G8 activists contracted
lyme disease after being bitten by ticks on their way to blockades around
heiligendamm and rostock.

if you were there and had a tick it's important to get your
blood checked for borreliose anti-bodies.

The area around rostock is a high-risk area for ticks that carry the
Borreliose bacteria (causing Lyme Disease). ironically the amount of ticks
carrying the bacteria has increased recently, possibly/probably through
climate change.

if dealt with early there is a good, but not 100% chance to get rid of it.
if it goes untreated Lyme Disease's longterm consequences include
musculoskeletal, arthritic, neurologic, psychiatric and cardiac problems
and damages.

forward or tell anyone who might have caught a tick out there, i.e people
who were crawling through fields, forests, etc...



another link about ticks in the UK

23.08.2007 12:50

not that we're trying to make you paranoid...but we can't afford to loose any activists on something stupid like that.

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