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ALF target farming union offices over badger cull

Animal Liberation Front | 13.06.2008 18:27 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Health | World

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) have sabotaged farming union offices in protest against the Welsh assembly's decision to cull badgers, who are accused of spreading bovine TB, despite dairy cattle raised on intense farms being the culprits.

The Carmarthen offices of both National Farmers Union (NFU) Cymru and the Farmers Union of Wales (FUW) were daubed with slogans including "no cull", "cull farmers not badgers" and "ALF".

The locks at the FUW's office in the town were also glued shut, with slogans also painted on four other NFU Cymru buildings, including those at Haverfordwest and Swansea.

Sources: Farmers Weekly & Western Telegraph.

Stop the Cull!: Viva! National Rally for the Badgers
Cardiff, Saturday, June 28 2008
1pm outside the Welsh Assembly Building (Debating Rooms)

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