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Save Temple Cowley Swimming Pool

Jane Alexander | 21.05.2006 21:20 | Health | Oxford

Your support is needed to show Oxford City Council that Temple Cowley Swimming Pool should not be closed. You can now sign the petition on-line - click on the website address at the end of this article.

Oxford City Council seem determined to close Temple Cowley Pool and Gym, the only municipal leisure facilities in East Oxford. They are undertaking a review of these facilities, comparing the cost of refurbishment with closure and building a new pool in Blackbird Leys.

You might ask why are they bothering - surely refurbishment must be cheaper? However, with valuable land for building adjacent to the Pool site, there must be tremendous pressure on the council to relocate the pool. And without any consultation with regular swimmers, they have decided on a plan for refurbishment that would be much more expensive than is necessary. The council claim that no decision has been made; this may be so, they'll be waiting for the recommendations from the report first.

In the meantime, we must show how much the pool is valued. Please sign the petition, either on-line at the link below or at the pool.

Jane Alexander
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