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AV Tour of Herefordshire

SHAC | 18.09.2008 14:13 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Health

Wednesday, 17th September

Campaigners today visited firms in Herefordshire who deal in the disgusting vivisection industry.

First stop was Arrowmight Biosciences who make animal cages and torture equipment for HLS, Sequani and many labs. Chants of "HLS - Close them down! Arrowmight - Blood on your hands" echoed around the industrial estate as the workers tried to hide behind curtains from the truth of what their sick company do.

Next was Thermo Fisher Scientific where all the local companies were made aware of who they were sharing their industrial estate with, and the TFS staff were told about what their firm were backing at HLS. They tried denying it at first, but then blamed it on the head office.

After that, we moved on to ProPath, another vivisection industry supplier, who dissect lab animals for HLS, Sequani, Charles River and more sick firms. They were made aware that what they are involved in pseudo-science and animal abuse and that their firm are responsible for delaying cures for major diseases.

Last stop was Sequani Labs where hundreds of animals are tortured to death in cruel tests, and a company who are also owned by HLS-client Quintiles. The demo received honks of support from passers by, showing that the public are on our side and against animal testing.

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