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Help displaced children in Haiti with toys, crayons and books

Samantha Mascary | 06.10.2008 05:38 | Health

Millions of poor children were displaced by recent hurricanes in Haiti.

My name Samantha Mascary, a nine years old girl from
> Miragoane, Haiti and I am a fifth grader at Greynolds Park
> Elementary School, in Miami Florida. I watched every
> day’s news about the four hurricanes killers that almost
> destroyed Haiti. I am really concerned by the aftermath and
> the kind of generous humanitarian supports of everyone and
> every organization in Haiti.
> As we all knew, four tropical storms in almost a month have
> left Haiti a storm ravaged country. These storms that struck
> in late August and early September also wiped out Haitian
> agriculture and destroyed roads, bridges and homes. The
> aftermath is that the devastating effects of the recent
> hurricanes made many families hurricane victims. Needy
> families and individuals in almost every part of the country
> go without proper food, water, shelter, necessary medical
> care. According to many people point of views, Children
> are at the most risk, and they make up the largest number of
> victims. Unicef officials reported “that up to 300,000
> children may be suffering” Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sept. 7
> (UPI).
> I am very pleased and thankful to every one and every
> organization that one way or another have helped Haiti. As
> a little girl my biggest concern goes toward these Haitian
> needy children. According to my child psychological point
> view, these children need more than food, water, shelter
> and hygiene kits. They need also toys, coloring books,
> crayola crayons and story books. They need to be able to
> play, to do coloring activities and read. I am confident
> that these kids’ activities will certainly help them in
> the process of psychologically and physically dealing with
> their time of sadness and misery.
> In that crucial moment, I would like to help make a big
> difference, but I cannot do it alone. Therefore, I am
> taking the initiative to invite all children form all ages,
> all schools, and all countries to join forces with me. I
> need more kids like you and me to donate unused toys,
> coloring books, and Crayola crayons and (story books in french and creyol
> if possible). Kids please keep in mind, “that we got a
> pride mission to accomplish and it is a must “Together, we
> will be able to help the needy children of Haiti get over
> that unbelievable catastrophe. With this program, proudly,
> we will lead them toward a brighter future in education, and
> counseling. Doing so, we will certainly feel being rewarded
> many times over for the help we provide in making a big
> children difference in the lives of the children of Haiti.
> Sincerely,
> Samantha Mascary

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> 2033 NE 172 Street
> North Miami Beach, FL 33162
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