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SHAC Netherlands - back in business!

SHAC Netherlands | 28.09.2008 19:27 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Health | World

Friday, 26th September saw the rebirth of SHAC Netherlands with a full day of protest at HLS customers.

We kicked off around 7:30 AM at the Dutch HQ of Novartis in Arnhem. On arrival, we greeted their workers in the usual hard hitting SHAC way. This disgusting company is a longstanding client of Huntingdon Life Sciences and one of their biggest at that. Annually, they are responsible for the death of 800,000 animals, both killed at their own sick laboratories and at Huntingdon. They also falsify research results on a regular basis and are investigated for multiple accounts of bribing doctors. We exposed and confronted these sickos once again telling them we will never look the other way whilst defenceless animals die inside HLS. Cut your ties!

Next stop was Actelion at their office in Woerden. Actelion Pharma has used HLS several times in 2005 for sick and perverse experiments and it is likely they continued to do business with HLS since then. These animal abusing cowards rarely show their faces when we are here. It sure does show how proud you are of what you do, Actelion, now doesn't it? Or are you just too weak to face us? Either way, it doesn't exactly give the impression that you've got nothing to hide. We KNOW about your disgusting secret. Paying HLS to torture and murder innocent animals is unforgivable and an absolute disgrace. We'll be back before you know it, Actelion. Drop HLS!

A few streets further down the road it was time to confront Bristol Myers Squibb at their main site in Woerden for their on-going dealings with HLS. Being a large customer, they are responsible for a great deal of the misery and suffering that animals face inside HLS on a daily basis. Brystol Myers weren't exactly happy to see us. Beforehand they had complained to the authorities trying to prevent any demonstration in front of their building. It was all in vain; we were there and our message was load and clear as it always has been. Fighting companies like yours, Brystol Myers workers, is both our right and our duty. It is what we owe to the animals inside HLS whose own voices and cries cannot be heard. We'll return at your sites as long as it takes, Brystol Myers Squibb. Deal with Huntingdon, deal with us!

Seeing as we had some extra time left we decided to surprise HLS supplier Phenomonex with an unannounced visit. They provide HLS with specialized products and services, some of which are not produced by any other company. Legal documents show that for daily operations to run smoothly, HLS relies on Phenomonex. Whereas on the other hand, Phenomonex doesn't need HLS at all. We went over there to tell them to end their contractual relationships with Huntingdon and explained why it would be a wise decision for them to drop HLS instantly. If you continue to support HLS, we'll be coming for you, Phenomonex!

We ended the day at the largest HLS client off all; GlaxoSmithKline. This greedy company and their workers were named and shamed on their way out. There is absolutely no excuse for what you do to innocent animals, Glaxo. All you GSK workers are aware of what goes on inside HLS. You all KNOW perfectly well how beagle pups get punched in the face. You all KNOW how monkeys are strapped down and cut open; how they are poisoned without anaesthetic and ultimately killed. You knowingly and willingly contribute to the animal abuse inside HLS! At GlaxoSmithKline there is no ethics, no compassion. No respect for life. It must not be a surprise that this company has been facing numerous charges regarding severe adverse drug reactions of their products, leading do death in young adults. Their antidepressant drug Paxil was found extremely unsafe and led to an increase in suicidal tendencies among adolescents using it. Unreliable animal experiments and withholding of research results are the two main causes for these unsafe drugs to reach the market. It's awfully clear what your true motives are Glaxo; it's solely about careers and money. We will never tolerate how you profit off the animal slaughter inside Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Until next time!

SHAC Netherlands
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