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UK Gender Newswire Archive

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Philippines: No context will ever justify murder of journalists - Akbayan

07-06-2016 13:34

Press freedom is a baseline principle of good governance, not a moving target that adjusts to the whims and caprices of those in power. It plays a crucial role in fiscalizing and speaking truth to power, and that Constitutionally-guaranteed right must be protected.

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Philippines: Duterte tells CHR, women's groups: Go to hell!

01-05-2016 04:13

Rodrigo Duterte
MANILA - Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday told the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and those who filed a complaint against him on account of his alleged offensive remarks on rape to go to hell.

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Sabotage Fortress Europe – Yes we can

07-03-2016 11:46

Today, a central train connection between Berlin and cities in Western Germany was brought to a standstill. We short-circuited energy lines, communication links and signalling, there was no danger for people.
With this action we aim at damaging the economic functional order of fortress Europe. We spoil the transporting of work force and freight traffic.
We invite all refugees of the world. A high economic damage is the price for maintaining fortress Europe.

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boomsatsuma presents Mother Foucault at new underground art venue in Bristol

29-02-2016 11:17

In Bristol lays an undiscovered treasure. Unseen for almost 50 years, the ash pits below Bristol Temple Meads station lead you to the former Working Men’s Club (closed over a decade ago, it’s a space befitting a Shane Meadows film). In this atmospheric venue known as The Loco Klub, boomsatsuma – a company fuelling the next generation of creative professionals – will present a series of rare and intimate events.

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Messages from organised women to be published in Anarchist Newspaper Meydan

22-02-2016 19:06

Dear Comrades,
The next issue of our monthly anarchist newspaper Meydan is going to be prepared by Anarchist Women only, as for all March issues. In this issue, we are going to focus on the systematic violence against women, on this violence becoming a state policy and we are going to talk about being a woman in war conditions that we are currently in.

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19-02-2016 18:44

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Radical Anthropology Talks in London, Spring 2016

02-01-2016 15:00

Tupiq Mask
Mythology as a window into other worlds
Tuesdays, 6.45–9.00pm

Language, art, music and culture emerged in Africa over 100,000 years ago, culminating in a symbolic explosion or ‘human revolution’ whose echoes can still be heard in myths and cultural traditions from around the world. These talks are a general introduction to social and biological anthropology, ranging over fields as diverse as hunter-gatherer studies, mythology, primatology, archaeology and archaeoastronomy. Radical Anthropology brings indigenous rights activists, environmentalists, feminists and others striving for a better world together with people of all ages who just want to learn about anthropology. There is always time for questions and discussion after each talk and there are good local pubs for those wishing to socialise into the evening.

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Joma Sison welcomes Pia Wurtzbach’s ‘welcoming Americans’ stance

02-01-2016 13:17

Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Ma. Sison found nothing wrong in the answer of newly crowned Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach during the pageant’s critical question and answer portion where she was asked if she thought the U.S. should have a military presence in the Philippines.

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Joma Sison welcomes Pia Wurtzbach’s ‘welcoming Americans’ stance

02-01-2016 13:08

Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Ma. Sison found nothing wrong in the answer of newly crowned Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach during the pageant’s critical question and answer portion where she was asked if she thought the U.S. should have a military presence in the Philippines.

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Urgent Call : Demo against UKIP / Nigel Farage talk in Gloucester Tomorrow!

08-11-2015 15:06

Last minute call for help on demo tomorrow in Gloucester, meeting at GL1 leisure centre in Gloucester. Nigel Farage will be doing a talk on the SayNoToEU talk...

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Trollhattan Killer´s Odd Obsession Revealed

23-10-2015 12:44

Young male serial killers, unless they have imams or rabbis, tend to have one thing in common: A sort of an hobby pursued like a profession-to-be they tend to spend most of their time with – either it is their guns, or a cultural supremacism or over-affirmation of leadership, or a commercial aberration binding unguarded personality traits – as well as a huge motivation to stick to it. And it is hard to turn down the thought experiment that if the world was as in the capitalist war propaganda, as stacks of wasted paper and box office charts would like to suggest, there would be a special place for them as specific professionals. But in the real life of international system average and climate chaos they are dead-enders.

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Launch of new research project on gendered harms in UK activist communities.

10-08-2015 12:08

Salvage Logo - Emma Thacker
A new research project on gendered harms in UK activist communities, including a call for involvement, is being launched today (10 August 2015). This project is being done by the Salvage collective, that involves activists, survivors and academic-activists, who formed to bring together self-identified women, queers and transfolks who have experienced gender oppression, violence and abuse in activist communities to share experiences, resources and build communities of belief, support and action.The goal is to co-construct knowledge and develop a network of survivors to work towards creating effective challenges to heterosexism within social justice movements and activist communities.

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ACTION: Close the Ripper Museum - Weds 12th August 6pm

08-08-2015 18:01

Mark Palmer-Edgecumber's a fraud and a capitalist misogynist. He wants to exploit the brutal murder of working class women to line his already bulging pockets.

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Audio: No Platforming of Radical Feminists - @bindelj @TerrorizerMir @RadFemUK

06-06-2015 22:52

Audio Julie Bindel
Following is a audio recording of a meeting on the No Platforming of Radical Feminists held on Saturday 6th June 2015 at the Quaker Meeting House in Sheffield which was addressed by Julie Bindel and Miranda Yardley and organised by RadFem Collective.

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No Platforming of Radical Feminists - A talk by Julie Bindel

01-06-2015 17:07

No Platforming of Radical Feminists - A talk by Julie Bindel
Public meeting to be held on Saturday, June 6, 2015, 1:00pm 4:00pm, Sheffield (venue to be announced).

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24-05-2015 12:09

Burning Books Bahar stylee

I didn't invent the hashtag, although I did think of it on the bus (and I don't have a smartphone). As it goes, I'm most certainly not in favour of killing Bahar, and I don't even think that she should be sacked.

This is not the first time that she has been the subject of media attention at Goldsmiths, the university where my eyes were forced wide open on a Social Anthropology course a couple of decades ago.

I can't say that I am entirely comfortable with her style of politics, whether it is the burning of Socialist Worker, or telling white people that they are not welcome at a union screening of Dear White People, a movie which I ended up watching alone in my front room, but might have got more from if I had watched it with others and there had been a discussion about it afterwards.

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Philippine Women's Group Gabriela blast President Aquino

27-04-2015 13:33

A WOMEN’S group on Thursday criticized President Benigno Aquino III for comparing her mother, the late President Corazon Aquino, to Gabriela Silang, the first Filipino woman revolutionary leader.

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Brazil LGBT

19-02-2015 13:06


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Mary's Immaculate Deception - A Christmas Play

24-12-2014 21:42

Don’t you think it’s a bit far-fetched?

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Philippine Women’s Coalitions Launch 18 Days of Activism against Violence

03-12-2014 12:05

On the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (VAW), which marks the start of the 18 Days of Activism Against VAW, women’s groups held a press conference and rally in front of the US Embassy. The coalitions announced today that they unite in focusing on the call for justice for Jennifer Laude during this 18-day campaign period which starts on November 25, and will sustain the campaign until justice is served.

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Audio: Sylvia Pankhurst - The Suffragette as a Militant Artist

24-11-2014 22:23

A recording of Hester Reeve discussing the value of re-historicising the suffragette as a militant artist in order to celebrate the unique suffragette contribution to human rights and creative citizenship. This Sheffield Humanist Society meeting was held on 18th November 2014 at the Farm Road Sports and Social Club, Sheffield.
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